Adam Speakman

  • Raid Timers for Destiny




    1.1 - Boomer If loading up your inventory just to check how many minutes are left on your Ether Seeds is too much work (or takes the full ten minutes anyway because you're on a last-gen console), Raid Timers can help. In addition to the state-of-the-art Crota timers, we now include both...

  • Dream In Tweets




    Does your Android dream in Tweets? This Android Daydream shows Tweets from your timeline, using Twitters streaming services. Just log in to Twitter, plug in (or dock) your device, and watch them go past. Note: You need to enable the Daydream setting on your device under Display > Daydream,...

  • What's Shaking, NZ?




    What's Shaking, NZ? uses the Geonet datafeed to monitor earthquakes around New Zealand, bringing you the latest information on your Android phone. Wondering where that latest earthquake was centered? Check it out in the quake view - zoom right in to see the epicenter, anywhere in NZ....

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