• Kids Maths




    "Kids Maths" or "Junior Maths" is an excellent mobile application that will help to provide basic and fundamental kids maths concept to your little one. It is designed in such a way that your child can visualize the maths with the real world. This tool will help your child to...

  • Junior Maths Full




    This "Maths for Kids" or "Kids Maths" or "Junior Maths" mobile application was conceptualized and designed after long and extensive analysis of kid’s learning behavior and progression pattern. It is always a difficult task to provide the fundamental concepts of...

  • GK - Know India Better (Quiz)




    If you are interested in General Knowledge and want to know about India, it is the ideal app for you. It includes quizzes about India, Indian States, Indian culture, Indian Mythology, Indian Civics, Indian History, cinema, sports, literature, the biggest, the highest, the first in India, Indian...

  • USA GK, History, States - Quiz




    If you are looking for information about the United States of America starting from US History, general knowledge on US, USA Presidents, detail about 50 States of the United States, States Capital, States Moto and many more then this is the application where you will get all. This information is...

  • Indian History, Book & Quiz




    This mobile application includes the complete information on Indian History from pre Vedic era to recent years. This complete book is subdivided into different historical events in chronological orders for the ease of use. In addition, you will get 450+ competitive quizzes about the history of...

  • Indian Mythology Quiz




    This single application will provide you the quiz questions and answers from different sources of Indian Hindu Mythology like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagwat, Gita, Puranas etc.

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