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Clock Weather

Clock weather helps you to know local time, and weather of start and final destination when you travel by entering the zip code. It is only for USA and you need Internet connection to see weather forecast. You can change time format, font, color, and temperature unit.

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Photo Tools

Photo Tools is good for any format, digital or film SLR camera. It contains 17 calculators for: exposure, circle of confusion, depth of field, magnification, angle of view, field of view, flash guide number and aperture, camera pixels, aperture average, stops difference, ND filters, bellows.

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Download Laps LT Laps LT icon
Laps LT

.Laps LT it is a limited edition, without database support, of the paid application Laps.It gives you the same functionality of an expensive sport watch on your phone.It keeps track of time, speed, pace and calories burnt when you run on standard tracks.Metric and US units.

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Download Video Tools Video Tools icon
Video Tools

Video Tools helps professionals to do timecode calculations and students to understand the drop frames. Can be used for 24, 25, 30, 60 and drop 29.97, 59.94 frames per second. The results are in timecode, frames and real time.

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Download Wage Calculator Wage Calculator icon
Wage Calculator

Wage calculator helps you to know in any moment how much you made, by entering when you start and finish your shift in military, AM/PM time, or hours in decimal format. It is multi jobs per day with graphic, you can see monthly list and cumulative, edit and delete records.

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Body Sugar

Body Sugar is monitoring blood sugar, weight, exercise, food, and calories balance. Good for diabet type 1 and 2 with humalog injections and medication entries . Metric and US.

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Download Laps Laps icon

Laps is an application that gives you the same functionality of an expensive sport watch on your Android phone. It keeps track of time with the precision of a millisecond, speed, pace and calories burnt when you run on standard tracks. Metric and US measures.Database store

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Download Tile Helper Tile Helper icon
Tile Helper

Tile Helper calculates the number of tiles and area for main, border, accent and the cost with tax and waste. Bonus 41 conversions. Imperial units for tile work.

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Download Film To Cam Film To Cam icon
Film To Cam

Film To Cam helps to calculate the storage needed by camcorder when you copy a film. Film inputs: frames, feet or timecode.

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Download Photo Like Pro Photo Like Pro icon
Photo Like Pro

Photo Like Pro makes you to act like a photography graduator or a pro using only common sense and giving only a few info about what you want to picture. It gives also pro info for your curiosity to see what is behind scenes.It contains 9 calculators.US and metric.

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