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  • Tilt Shift Rotate

    Tilt Shift Rotate




    Tilt shift rotate lens is an application for professional photographer who owns Nikon, Canon tilt shift lens and want to take fast decision. Can be used for large format camera by overwriting the defaults. It contains 20 calculators, 17 for non tilted lens and standard SLR or DSLR cameras. Metric...

  • USDA Find

    USDA Find




    USDA Find is an application that give you the calories of 7,519 foods found in USDA sr20 database. You can search food by name, calories or NDB_No.

  • Film Utility

    Film Utility




    Film Utility is an application that helps filmmakers to convert frames, feet, and timecode and see the result of all three simultaneously. Script supervisor assistants can use film counter calculator as a stopwatch that counts time (precision milliseconds), length in feet and total frames.

  • Photo Tools

    Photo Tools




    Photo Tools is good for any format, digital or film SLR camera. It contains 17 calculators for: exposure, circle of confusion, depth of field, magnification, angle of view, field of view, flash guide number and aperture, camera pixels, aperture average, stops difference, ND filters, bellows.

  • Photo Like Pro

    Photo Like Pro


    Photo Like Pro makes you to act like a photography graduator or a pro using only common sense and giving only a few info about what you want to picture. It gives also pro info for your curiosity to see what is behind scenes.It contains 9 calculators.US and metric.

  • Tile Helper

    Tile Helper


    Tile Helper calculates the number of tiles and area for main, border, accent and the cost with tax and waste. Bonus 41 conversions. Imperial units for tile work.

  • Build Helper

    Build Helper




    Build Helper is a construction calculator. What is nice, you don’t suppose to enter a succession of command without seeing what happen. You will see on screen any data entered and the results. You get a lot of conversions, it calculates rise, run, pitch and concrete needed for slab, column or...

  • Film To Cam

    Film To Cam


    Film To Cam helps to calculate the storage needed by camcorder when you copy a film. Film inputs: frames, feet or timecode.

  • Video Tools

    Video Tools




    Video Tools helps professionals to do timecode calculations and students to understand the drop frames. Can be used for 24, 25, 30, 60 and drop 29.97, 59.94 frames per second. The results are in timecode, frames and real time.

  • Breath Rate

    Breath Rate




    Breath Rate helps to analyze your breath rate and to control breath’s rhythm. It is good for persons practicing Yoga and wanting a precise control of Pranayama, and it is a tool in lowering the blood pressure by breathing less than 10 breaths per minute.

  • Dish Helper

    Dish Helper




    Dish Helper is an application for professional antenna dish installers. Preloaded with 255 satellites. You can add, update and delete satellites. Home position can be entered from: GPS of the phone, address, manual decimal and degree or a GPS device.

  • Body State

    Body State


    Body state helps to lose, gain or keep weight by showing in one view the body status compare with clinician’s recommendations and calories balance informing how many calories to eat or burn by exercise, according to your goal. Metric and US.

  • METs – Calories

    METs – Calories




    METs – Calories is an application that allows you to calculate the calories and fats burned when you know the Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET) of your exercise. Metric and US units.

  • Favorite Food

    Favorite Food


    Favorite Food helps to remember the place where you eat, the category and how many calories are in your favorite food. You can add and delete places, categories, food and calories. Database assisted.

  • Wage Calculator

    Wage Calculator




    Wage calculator helps you to know in any moment how much you made, by entering when you start and finish your shift in military, AM/PM time, or hours in decimal format. It is multi jobs per day with graphic, you can see monthly list and cumulative, edit and delete records.

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