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Body Status

Body Status is an applicaton that allows you by entering only four per...

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Download Pedometer Extender Pedometer Extender icon

Pedometer Extender

Pedometer Extender calculates calories and fat burnt in function of st...

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Download Clock Weather Clock Weather icon

Clock Weather

Clock weather helps you to know local time, and weather of start and f...

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Download Body Balance Body Balance icon

Body Balance

Body Balance is monitoring weight, exercise, food, and calories balanc...

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Download METs – Calories METs – Calories icon

METs – Calories

METs – Calories is an application that allows you to calculate the cal...

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Download USDA Calories USDA Calories icon

USDA Calories

USDA Calorie is an application that give you the calories of 7,519 foo...

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Download Photo Tools Photo Tools icon

Photo Tools

Photo Tools is good for any format, digital or film SLR camera. It con...

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Download Film Utility Film Utility icon

Film Utility

Film Utility is an application that helps filmmakers to convert frames...

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Download Laps LT Laps LT icon

Laps LT

.Laps LT it is a limited edition, without database support, of the pai...

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Download Tilt Shift Rotate Tilt Shift Rotate icon

Tilt Shift Rotate

Tilt shift rotate lens is an application for professional photographer...

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