• adidas Smart Ball




    Being able to control, strike and manipulate the ball is the key to mastering the precision of Xavi, bending it like Beckham or striking it like van Persie. With the miCoach SMART BALL you'll fine tune your technique and kick like a pro with instant feedback on power, spin, strike and...

  • #miZXFLUX




    #miZXFLUX allows you to easily apply a photographic image to one of adidas Originals’ most covetable sneaker silhouettes, the ZX FLUX. With this app it will be super easy to create your exclusive, one of a kind Photo Print shoe, delivered right to your door. STEP 1: Select your size Choose your...

  • miCoach multi-sport




    #unleashyourbest with miCoach multi-sport. Are you fast and explosive enough? Does your jump height get you where you want to be? Does your endurance/hustle drop off too quickly? How do you stack up against others? Have you got what it takes to compete? Elite coaches and athletes monitor every...

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    miCoach train & run




    With the help of Adidas miCoach, create a workout schedule and stay fit

  • adidas Confirmed




    adidas Confirmed is the best way to get access to the most anticipated sneaker releases from adidas. Use the app to reserve your shoes right from your phone, and then complete the purchase at a specified local retailer. The first launch through adidas Confirmed will be exclusive to the New York...

  • adidas Outdoor




    adidas OutdoorApp es la herramienta perfecta para tus actividades outdoor. Un localizador multi-funcional, fácil de usar, con navegador en tiempo real, ideal para los apasionados de las actividades outdoor, de todos los niveles. La aplicación, compatible con los dispositivos móviles Android, es...

  • Instants adidas Originals




    Capture l'instant Originals! adidas Originals te fait vivre l'expérience INSTANTS pendant le festival Nuits Sonores. Du 29 mai au 1er juin 2014, crée et partage tes moments uniques du festival en faisant rimer nos punchlines avec tes images. Partage tes créations sur les réseaux sociaux...

  • adidas equipaciones




    Con la nueva aplicación de adidas equipaciones podrás elegir entre todas las combinaciones posibles de juego y portero desde tu móvil sin necesidad de conexión a internet. Comparte tu elección por correo o por facebook con tu equipo y ¡vístete como los mejores!

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