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    Ruqya against Sihr & Evil Eye

    For Spiritual Healing against Evil Eye, Sihr, Black Magic, defense against evil magicians, Sahir's, jinns and shayateens With selected verses from Quran as prescribed in Authentic Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUS). Features: 1. Choose the ruqya according to your available time. [short, medium or full] 2. Read arabic verses along with transliterat…

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    Download Umrah Guide step by step Umrah Guide step by step icon
    Umrah Guide step by step

    This application enlists the step by step guide to perform Umrah. Every step and ruling has a reference enlisted from the Qur'an and Sunnah. This app also clarifies many commonly found misconceptions and innovations practiced by the Muslims. At the end we have provided links and documents from where you could download dua's of the prophet…

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    Download Prayer (Salah) - Start to End Prayer (Salah) - Start to End icon
    Prayer (Salah) - Start to End

    Prayer - the second pillar of islam, observing this grants jannah and leaving this drags us to hellfire. This is the dividing line between the practicing muslims and non muslims. Its obligation ,virtues and extreme importance is reported via a million sources. How can we then not learn the correct method to pray in accordance to the sunnah? This ap…

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    Download Istikhara Istikhara icon

    Istikhara is a prayer for seeking the guidance of Allah in forming a decision or choosing the proper course. This free app lists the meaning, importance, proper method and the du'a for Istikhara backed up by authentic ahadeeth.

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    Download The Noble Quran with Tafseer The Noble Quran with Tafseer icon
    The Noble Quran with Tafseer

    Note: The app has been reverted to the older version on the request of users. The new app with Urdu Language is available here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.admads.quranandtafseer The Noble Quran and Tafseer * English Translation by Muhammad Muhsin Khan and Dr. Hilali * English Tafseer: Ibn Katheer Features: - Bookmark/Share/…

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    Download AshabulHadith AshabulHadith icon

    This is the Official App of Dr. Murtaza bin Baksh hafidhahullah (ashabulhadith.com) Using this app, you can: - Browse and listen to lectures of Dr. Murtaza Baksh - Listen to live streaming of lectures from ashabulhadith.com - Listen to 24 hrs radio broadcast - Download lectures to your device - Share lectures with your family and friends

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    Download Forgotten Sunnah Forgotten Sunnah icon
    Forgotten Sunnah

    This application lists 40+ forgotten sunnahs of the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) based on authentic narrations.

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    Download Jinns: types,harm & protection Jinns: types,harm & protection icon
    Jinns: types,harm & protection

    This Application gives an insight explaining the types of Jinns, their power and hostile effect upon humans, and the weapons (dua’a and adhkar) to prevent and fight them. Jinn are also a part of Allah’s creation, separate from mankind and angels, sharing with man certain qualities such as: intelligence, discrimination, freedom and the power to cho…

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    Download Sahabas (companions) - A to Z Sahabas (companions) - A to Z icon
    Sahabas (companions) - A to Z

    The Heir of the prophet (pbuh), The direct students, the friends and beloved of the Prophet (pbuh), the guardians of the Muslim Ummah, the carriers of Islam, the flag bearers of Truth and Justice, the repellers of falsehood , the bravest of warriors ,the noblest of personalities, and much more. Check out the app to explore the greatness of the co…

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