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OBD2 Dashboard 1 (FREE)

Auto Dashboard 1 (DEMO Version) NOTE: The FULL version is now up and running. Look for it. The Auto Dashboard 1 (DEMO Version) is the evaluation version for the the Android-APP by the same title. This is it when it comes to OBD-2 Automotive Dashboard/Instrument Cluster simulation. It works on all ELM327 BLUETOOTH devices. The DEMO has no bluetoot…

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O2 Oxygen Sensor Testing

FREE Sensor APP-1 (with Ads) (Oxygen Sensor Testing - with Ads) (Automotive Sensor Book-App Series) (Note: This App runs fine on Android tablets and most phones. This Book-App is FREE with ads and part of our larger automotive sensor Book-App series.) Explains in detail the particulars of testing modern automotive O2 sensors or Oxygen Sensors. Se…

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Download OBD2 Auto-Dash 1 (FREE) OBD2 Auto-Dash 1 (FREE) icon
OBD2 Auto-Dash 1 (FREE)

Dashboard Aviation Style (FREE DEMO) NOTE: In this FREE version only the RPM and VOLT gauges work. The other gauges do move, but on an arbitrary nature just to show how they look when moving. GET THE COMPLETE VERSION NOW! Enjoy... This is the Automotive OBD2 Aviation Style virtual dashboard/instrument cluster Android APP. It is fully compatible w…

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Download Scan-1 4 Android Demo Scan-1 4 Android Demo icon
Scan-1 4 Android Demo

Scan-1 for Android (Free Demo/Evaluation Version for tablets) The Scan-1 for Android is an OBD-II (ELM327) based diagnostic system. Based on the long running Scan-1 for Windows, this is a professional grade scanner and information system. It is loaded with "Troubleshooting Videos" geared for specific tests, "Automated Tests", &…

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APP Sensor Testing

FREE Sensor APP-2 (Book-APP with ads) (Automotive Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor) (NOTE: This Book-App runs fine on Android tablets and phones with larger screens. This is a Book-App. This app is free with ads.) Covers the testing and operation of modern automotive accelerator pedal position sensors. This Book-App is part of our "Diagnost…

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Download OBD-2 Code Encyclopedia OBD-2 Code Encyclopedia icon
OBD-2 Code Encyclopedia

OBD-2 Code Encyclopedia (Automotive) An Automotive Repair and Diagnostic Application. This APP is loaded with thousands of automotive OBD-2 DTC or diagnostic trouble code definitions and code-setting-criteria. These DTCs are retrieved now days using inexpensive code readers. Then the process of interpreting and analyzing these automotive faulty c…

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Download SRS-Airbag Code Encyclopedia SRS-Airbag Code Encyclopedia icon
SRS-Airbag Code Encyclopedia

SRS-Airbag Code Encyclopedia (Automotive) (An Automotive SRS-Airbag Repair APP) This APP has taken years of research to compile and thousands of field work hours to prove. This APP is based on similar software and book products by the same author. It cover the vast majority of SRS-supplemental restraint systems diagnostic fault codes. There are th…

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Download OBD-2 Mode-06 Translator OBD-2 Mode-06 Translator icon
OBD-2 Mode-06 Translator

OBD-2 Mode 06 Translator APP (Note: This APP runs fine on Android phones and tablets. This APP is a companion to any OBD-2 scanner. This APP decodes Mode-06 on CAN systems, Some 2003-2006 and all 2007-Up models (any make and model sold in the US.) HOW TO USE THE OBD2 MODE-06 TRANSLATOR APP Mode 06 on OBD-2 systems was created to allow engineers…

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Download Automotive Sensor Testing Automotive Sensor Testing icon
Automotive Sensor Testing

Automotive Sensor Testing - Runs on all Phones & Tablets (Diagnostic Strategies of Modern Automotive Systems Series) (Note: This APP runs fine on Android tablets. The entire book is contained in the APP. Click on the table of content items to jump to section. This is a Book-APP.) This book is totally based on actual working conditions and rea…

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Download OBD-2 Scanner PID Repair OBD-2 Scanner PID Repair icon
OBD-2 Scanner PID Repair

OBD-2 Scanner PID Repair (An automotive repair series APP) This APP is a unique piece of software meant to help you get the most out of your scan tool. Packed with information on all the scan tool parameters or PIDs. The APP allows you to choose the specific PID or parameter from a list. Here are the PIDs covered: Number of DTCs, CODE that caused…

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