Adrian Casanova

  • GLO Radio




    The Good Life Organization (GLO) galvanizes adults towards the positive development of youth and mobilizes youth towards the positive development of communities. We believe that the most powerful thing on the planet is youth voice and we are dedicated to not only helping youth find it but have a...

  • GamERadio




    The GamERadio, RETRO CONSOLE Edition Android app, pays tribute to video game soundtracks from the 80s and 90s. The playlist focuses on the original Nintendo home gaming console and GameBoy handheld. New tracks are added weekly. Here are some game titles currently being streamed: 1943 Air...

  • SynthPop Radio




    Synth Pop is a genre of music that first became prominent in the late 1980s; characterized by synthesizers, drum machines and sequencers and made popular by bands such as Erasure and the Pet Shop Boys. SynthPop helped to establish the place of the synthesizer as a major element of pop and rock...

  • PPI Calc




    PPI Calc is a basic utility used for determining the PPI (pixels per inch) of a computer monitor, smart phone or tablet screen. Use the calculated PPI to create images with native resolutions tailored to your screen’s hardware specifications. HOW IT WORKS 1. Enter the horizontal pixels of...

  • Youth Voice Nation




    Youth Voice Nation: Taking The Voices Of Youth Off Mute, inspired by the Good Life Organization’s Fulfill the Dream Curriculum, is a powerful counter narrative that uses Hiphop to creatively and critically challenge those that say: “youth should have no input regarding the current crisis in...

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