Advanced Card Systems Ltd.

  • ACS PayMobile




    The ACS PayMobile is an application provided by Advanced Card Systems Ltd. (ACS) to show how ACS readers with USB, Micro-USB, or Audio Jack interface can be used as communication channels for the mobile payment segment. The app shows users how to create a card, reload their card, check their...

  • ACS-Personal Medical Report


    The ACS-Personal Medical Report Demo application allows patients to view their personal information, medical condition, and the prescribed medication which are securely stored in the Patient Card using the ACOS3. The data can be accessed once the cardholder’s identify is verified using his/her...

  • ACS-Medical Practitioner Demo


    The ACS-Medical Practitioner Demo application allows doctors to register a patient card, update and view the patient’s personal information, present medical condition, medical history, diagnosis, and prescription. The patient’s personal information, present medical condition and latest...

  • ACS Mobile




    Get the latest news and information on Advanced Card Systems Ltd. (ACS) and its products. Contact ACS without logging on to an email or social media account, or dialling a telephone number. This app may also be used offline to access product information, which includes technical specifications,...

  • ACS MobileMate




    The ACS MobileMate is an application provided by Advanced Card Systems Ltd. (ACS) that aims to showcase the various functionalities of ACR31 Swipe, ACR32 MobileMate, and ACR35 NFC MobileMate Card Readers. ACR3x readers combine magnetic stripe card and smart card reader functionality with mobility...

  • e-PLUS Tap to Check




    The e-PLUS Tap to Check application allows users to view the basic information of their e-PLUS Tap to Pay card such as: - Card No. - Date Issued - Expiry Date - Card Balance - Transaction History Note: This application works on smartphones with NFC capability and running with Android 2.3.3 or...

  • ACS-Smart Biz Card




    Create electronic business cards using the ACS Smart Biz Card application! By simply using an ACR122 NFC Reader and a contactless smart card, you can create, share and save contact details in your Android tablet. The Smart Biz Card is an application form Advanced Card Systems Ltd. It enables...

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