Advanced Science Applications

  • Cape Point Route

    Cape Point Route




    The Cape Point Route app – powered by Tourism Radio – is the perfect mobile travel guide to use when visiting the world-famous Cape Peninsula, near Cape Town. With dozens of points of interest (including restaurants, historical attractions, cultural hotspots, and shopping venues), this...

  • Auckland & Northland Guide

    Auckland & Northland Guide




    The Tourism Radio Auckland and Northland Travel Guide has all the information you need about the largest city in New Zealand and its surroundings. Explore the City of Sails and its rich heritage, and discover the untouched beauty of the extensive Northland coastline. If you’re feeling...

  • United Campervans Travel Guide

    United Campervans Travel Guide


    Go forth and discover all that New Zealand has to offer with the ingenious United Campervans Travel Guide APP. This travel guide is crammed with detailed local information on points of interest; it always knows where you are and will tell you what to look out for as you come close. There are...

  • Alpha Campervans Travel Guide

    Alpha Campervans Travel Guide


    Hit New Zealand’s roads with the assistance of Alpha Campervans clever audio travel guide. You won’t miss a thing. The travel guide is full of well-researched local information; it always knows where you are and will highlight points of interest as you approach them. Included in travel guide are...

  • Car Rental Republic NZ Guide

    Car Rental Republic NZ Guide




    The brilliant talking travel guide from Car Rental Republic lets you discover all the great things New Zealand has to offer. The Car Rental Republic Travel Guide always knows your location, is loaded with well-researched local information and, on top of that, tells you about points of interest...

  • New Zealand KEA Travel Guide

    New Zealand KEA Travel Guide




    Explore the splendour that is New Zealand, with the ultimate audio travel guide from KEA. This fantastic travel guide won’t let you miss a thing. Loaded with locally-researched data, it will tell you about points of interest as you approach. There are more than 1000 points of interest, covering...

  • Interislander Travel Guide

    Interislander Travel Guide




    Disembark from an Interislander ferry and discover all that New Zealand has to offer with the aid of the Interislander Travel Guide. Packed with fantastic local information, the Interislander Travel Guide tells you where you are and gives you information about places of interest as you...

  • Omega Travel Guide New Zealand

    Omega Travel Guide New Zealand




    Explore the wonders of the North and South Islands with the Omega Travel Guide to New Zealand. Crammed with useful information, you won’t miss a thing with guides to different regions of the country! It will tell you where you are, as well as alert you to more than 800 points of interest as you...

  • NZ Travel Guide

    NZ Travel Guide




    Travelling in New Zealand? Download this brilliant new Audio travel guide and you won’t miss a thing. It’s like having a personal travel guide by your side! What does it do? The Tourism Radio Audio Travel Guide is loaded with audio, images, text and contact details for over 1,100 points of...

  • Motorhome Republic NZ Guide

    Motorhome Republic NZ Guide




    Discover the wonders New Zealand has to offer with the awesome Motorhome Republic talking travel guide. The Motorhome Republic Travel Guide is crammed with well-researched local travel information and it highlights points of interest as you approach. This app won’t let you miss anything! There...

  • Hummba





    Hummba is an app for travellers that lets you download audio and text travel guides and share your experiences while you’re on the go. Hummba’s intelligent travel guides speak to you. They know where you are and by filtering thousands of points of interest you can find landmarks, cultural...

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