Adylitica, Inc.

  • 7.0

    Do it (Tomorrow)




    List the things you need to do and put them off until tomorrow

  • Yellow Social Calendar




    Yellow is a new way to make plans with everyone you know. Yellow combines a group chat with reminders so that you can talk about your plans and be reminded of them later in the same place. Yellow makes it easy to make plans and do things with your friends on the go. You can use Yellow for...

  • Sketchlens




    Have you ever been frustrated taking notes using drawing programs for your phone? Sometimes nothing beats paper and pen for making sketches, doodles, diagrams and quick notes. Sketchlens is a special camera that can capture paper and pen notes onto your phone. Using a special technology made...

  • Any Send




    Want to share a file with a friend or a co-worker? Just tap their name, tap the file, and they have it! Any Send makes sharing files over wifi as easy and fast as it possibly can be. Just install Any Send on two Android phones, and you can send anything between them, at superfast wifi speeds....

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