• Baseball Star Manager




    Baseball Star is an astonishing game which allows you to become the manager of a fantasy baseball team and lead them to the ultimate goal: be the first this season, and win the Baseball cup! Create your baseball team, your all-star player, and start to coach using your style and strategies....

  • Astonishing eBook Reader




    Astonishing Book Reader is your everyday companion to read ebooks on your smartphone or tablet! It's full of great features, including library management, suggestions system, Chronicles, and of course, a nice reading experience. Astonishing Book Reader is the little brother of Astonishing...

  • Astonishing Comic Reader




    Astonishing Comic Reader is a next-gen comic reader full of stunning features! With an elegant and simple interface, this app allows you to browse and read all your comics on your device. Reading a comic has never been so easy, thanks to a simple navigation system and a powerful zoom feature....

  • Baseball Companion




    Baseball Companion is a nice application which allows you to record the statistics of all your baseball games! Just enter your number of at bat, hits, runs etc. Then, the app will calculate automatically things like your average, slugging percentage, or your OPS! Baseball Companion can calculate...

  • Magic Storytelling




    Are your Magic games looking all the same? Are you bored to always win against your friend's green deck full of tiny squirrels? Would you like to play epic games, with uncertain destiny, tragic events and magic phenomenon ? If it's the case, Magic Storytelling is an app for you! Magic...

  • Empire Legends




    The Force must be with you to survive at the edge of the Empire. But having a powerful app is also a good way to do it! Empire Legends lets you manage all your characters for the game Edge of the Empire. Manage their equipment, talents and information. Add them some skills and weapons, and write...

  • Empire Dice




    May the dice be with you! You are a fan of Star Wars - Edge of the Empire, but you don't have enough dices for all of your players? Empire dice has been designed to generate all kind of dices from the original game! All seven dices of the game are available and ready to be used to save the...

  • Magic Counter




    Magic Counter is the best app to manage your life points during your Magic The Gathering games! Customize the app to play with your friends, up to 4 players. Search through Gatherer database and play epic battles! Roll dices and change the app background to improve your experience! And it's...

  • Dungeon Legends




    Dungeon Legends is the most amazing Android app for managing your D&D and Pathfinder characters! Using an elegant and simple interface, you can keep your characters information at any time. With the provided helper you can create a hero in minutes, and directly jump the adventure! You can...

  • Love My Pet




    Love My Pet is a cute game where you have to take care of an sweet and intelligent cat, on your smartphone or your tablet. Your cat can learn from you! Through time, he will recognize his favorite toys, meals, and will know when to not go outside! Your cat can participate to various and awesome...

  • Magic Assemble




    One does not simply find the best Magic app on the market. But you have! Magic Assemble includes a ton of awesome features for Magic the Gathering! First of all, a stunning life points counter, with wonderful stuff like poison counters, animated background and dices! Everything you can expect...

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