• Valonsadero Rupestre




    Aplicación acerca del entorno de Valonsadero donde se puede consultar la fauna, flora, micología, etc. que envuelven a este enclave de la provinca de Soria.

  • The Tower




    A nice game about building towers

  • Gotardo




    Platforms-Puzzle Ecologist Game

  • Freak for Football




    Freak for Football is an original game concept which is composed of a part of simulation and another part of arcade styles. The game is physics based but the control is like the tipical football games. While other games try to make realistic football simulators, with great graphics and real...

  • Foot For Fun




    Foot For Fun is a simple football (air hockey style) game, with 3d graphics and physics, for 1 or 2 players. I'm glad if you comment any bug that you see. I wish you have little fun breaks with this game. Instructions: Each player has to use one finger in his zone of the screen. When you...

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