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  • Backyard Dog Walk Wallpaper

    Backyard Dog Walk Wallpaper


    Gorgeous scene of a dog and her master walking along a twilight landscape. Photo licensed under Creative Commons, taken by Brad K.

  • Chess Board Wallpaper

    Chess Board Wallpaper




    Decorate your phone's background with this beautiful hand-crafted chess board set. All stained wood and hand-made.

  • Route 1 Landscape wallpaper

    Route 1 Landscape wallpaper




    Decorate your phone with this gorgeous California route 1 wallpaper. Taken in June 2010 on a clear, sunny day. Beautiful!

  • Ant Wallpaper

    Ant Wallpaper




    Interesting closeup shot of an walking on a piece of wood at Glacier National Park, near Lake McDonald. Taken in June 2010.

  • Redwood Wallpaper

    Redwood Wallpaper




    Closeup cross section of a redwood tree in northern California. A beautifully colored tree for your phone. This tree fell and was not harmed to produce this photo!

  • Devil's Tower Wallpaper

    Devil's Tower Wallpaper




    A gorgeous shot of the famous Devil's Tower in northeast Wyoming. Decorate your phone with this beautiful national monument! Taken in June 2010.

  • Bike Gear Wallpaper

    Bike Gear Wallpaper




    Interesting, detailed photo of a bicycle gear. Enhance your phone's wallpaper with this awesome photo!

  • Soccer at Sunset Wallpaper

    Soccer at Sunset Wallpaper




    The most popular sport in the world, on your phone's background. Awesome photo!

  • St. Lucia Wallpaper

    St. Lucia Wallpaper




    Le Sport on the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia. Gorgeous photo for your phone's wallpaper!

  • Maldive Islands Wallpaper

    Maldive Islands Wallpaper




    This beautiful photo comes from the Maldive Islands off the coast of India. Decorate your wallpaper with this stunning view!

  • Bermuda Sunset Wallpaper

    Bermuda Sunset Wallpaper




    Beautiful shot of the sunset off the bow of a boat in the Bermuda Triangle. Goregous!

  • Pink Bikini Model Wallpaper

    Pink Bikini Model Wallpaper




    Gorgeous model in a pink bikini on the beach. Decorate your phone with this hot wallpaper!

  • Sexy Purple Bikini Wallpaper

    Sexy Purple Bikini Wallpaper




    Decorate your phone's background with this sexy purple bikini-clad model.

  • Three Crosses Wallpaper

    Three Crosses Wallpaper




    Decorate your background with this serene, peaceful backdrop of three crosses on a hill.

  • Dirty Fortunes

    Dirty Fortunes




    Dirty Fortunes give a unique spin on the age-old fortune cookie sayings.

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