AHA Tech

  • Scribble Pad




    The Scribble Pad app allows you to quickly jot down notes, numbers, sketches, or whatever you feel like drawing simply by tracing your finger over the screen. Need to quickly jot down a phone number or notes? Leave a reminder on your phone? Write a price or part number of something you saw at...

  • Unit Converter Full




    **** Now this is free! **** This simple unit converter tool allows you to easily convert among common everyday units as well as units you wouldn't think to convert. Convert units such as length, weight, volume, and cooking to engineering units such as power, force, pressure, frequency, and...

  • Unit Converter Lite




    Simple Unit Converter. Try this free converter but you can download the full version now for free! (Unit Converter Full - w/ same icon). ** Contrary to a recent comment the milligram to gram conversion is done correctly. 1 mg = .001 gram as the inverse 1 gram = 1000 mg is perfectly correct....

  • Another Tip Calculator




    A no frills tip calculator: * Split the check per person * Round up and down buttons to easily modify values * Change values directly and other fields update automatically * Can set default tip % * Can set default currency Consider downloading the full version to support my development work -...

  • Math App




    MathApp is a simple no frills app which allows young kids to practice their math skills right on a smart phone or tablet with the touch of their fingertips. The app is designed to allow kids or anybody to work out basic arithmetic problems on the screen as if working on a whiteboard. The goal...

  • Blackjack


    Simple to play blackjack game with an easy to follow user interface. This blackjack game follows standard casino rules. Game Features: * Includes option for up to 2 virtual players at the table * House uses a 6 deck shoe * Pick where at the table you want to sit. * Change seats or game mode...

  • Blackjack Free




    Simple to play casino style blackjack game with an easy to follow user interface. The game follows standard casino rules. Feel free to try this free version. If you like it consider buying the paid version (Blackjack - w/ same icon). The free version is ad supported and does not allow for...

  • Stay Alert




    I'm sure some of us have been in this situation: Driving home on a long trip or after a long exhausting day at work. Or driving home after a long late night shift. We are tired and drowsy but can't or refuse to stop because we really think we can make it home. For some of us we feel...

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