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AHG Cloud Note Personal

Capture events, processes or procedures with your android smartphone. Create continuous step-by-step record of a process by taking images / video and adding explanatory text. Save, browse, edit, view as slideshow, use as a presentation and / or instructions authoring tool. Unlike most note taking programs, Cloud Note lets you create continuous, st…

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PSU Dairy Cents is a mobile app offering two features – a quick calculation of income over feed costs and price comparison of various forages, grains and commodities to the Penn State Feed Price List and other users of the data base. Income Over Feed Costs (IOFC) - This feature of the app illustrates what is happening with the markets and how it i…

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Download QR Codes Inventory Management QR Codes Inventory Management icon
QR Codes Inventory Management

QR Inventory is a lightweight, yet powerful inventory management system for small businesses that uses QR codes, NFC and mobile technology to streamline inventory management process. * Use smartphones to efficiently check in, check out and lookup inventory by scanning QR codes, regular UPC barcodes or NFC tags. No bulky proprietary scanners are…

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Download mCatalog - Catalog of Deals mCatalog - Catalog of Deals icon
mCatalog - Catalog of Deals

If you like active lifestyle, you will love mCatalog. It is filled with huge discounts and great deals on high quality items you might not find otherwise. mCatalog is dynamic - the deals and specials are updated regularly, and there is a special "deal of the day" category which is updated daily. Enjoy interactive product presentations not…

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Download AHG Cloud Note Demo AHG Cloud Note Demo icon
AHG Cloud Note Demo

Cloud Note is made for corporate and business users to simplify the process of creation of instructions, tutorials, knowledge base articles, field reports - and sharing them. Cloud Note makes it easy to capture and document process or procedure on the spot with your smartphone, by taking images / video and adding explanatory text, share and exchang…

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Download Food Safe Surveys Food Safe Surveys icon
Food Safe Surveys

Create Food Safety surveys using web graphic interface. Share surveys with your team, modify surveys. Upload surveys to your android device and use to gather data on food safety. Export completed surveys to Excel and process on your computer. Private and public surveys. Multiple type of questions (free form, scale, multiple choice). You do not need…

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Download QRwave: B2B mobile commerce QRwave: B2B mobile commerce icon
QRwave: B2B mobile commerce

QRwave application streamlines, automates and error-proofs B2B ordering process. Using QRwave, any authorized company employee can place a restocking order by scanning QR Code on the item packaging. The order can be placed on the spot as soon as an employee notices that the supplies are running low. He does not need to be in front of a computer,…

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Download Controlled Asset Management Controlled Asset Management icon
Controlled Asset Management

With CAM application, you can conduct asset inspection in the field, by scanning qr code and filling out inspection form on your smartphone. You will get correct selection of inspection forms based on the qr code you scanned. You can also take photos within the application and add them to the inspection. Application features: * Scan QR code on t…

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Download AHG ShareIt-Upload, Share Pics AHG ShareIt-Upload, Share Pics icon
AHG ShareIt-Upload, Share Pics

AHG ShareIt is an android application that allows you to browse android camera directory, select one or multiple image(s), upload images to a separate directory on Google Docs, add message and share the contents with contacts on your android contacts list and/or others. Use it to communicate and collaborate remotely, seek or give advice, demonstr…

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Download DairyCentsPro Consultant DairyCentsPro Consultant icon
DairyCentsPro Consultant

DairyCentsPRO – Consultant Version is phase II of the mobile app DairyCents. It will allow a dairy consultant to enter their clients’ farm specific information on milk price, production, cow groups, and rations in order to determine feed cost/cow, income over feed cost (IOFC)/cow, milk margin/cwt and the percent of income going towards feed cost. R…

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