• My Clipboard

    My Clipboard




    'My Clipboard' can save the Clipboard text. And can restore saved text to the Clipboard. Clipboard text added to list. You can edit saved text in list. Thanks.

  • AndroidExploererDemo





    업로드 테스트, 일부러 다운 받지 않으셔도 되지만.. 그래도 어플리케이션 설명은 쓰겠습니다. Android Explorer Demo # You can. 1. Explore 2. Show File status 3. Excute file # You cannot. 1. You can copy, delete, move, etc. But not safe yet. 2. You can show application list. But cannot show application info. 3. Current version is not...

  • Java Code Viewer

    Java Code Viewer




    This app need to explorer app.(ex; AndExplorer, ASTRO.....) [How to run?] 1. Run Explorer app 2. Select Java file(or Share Java file) 3. Select Java Code Viewer [Supported] 1.View code 2.Find(menu key) 3.Select encoding(menu key) 4.Edit & Save(menu key) [Not supported] 1.Undo &...

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