• 天天电话 免费视频版




    谁是现在最好的免费网络电话?谁能完美支持视频通话?谁能可视电话不要钱?谁是中国的facetime? 天天电话,源自多媒体通信领域顶级企业华为技术(HUAWEI),您值得信赖。 只要您的手机安装使用天天电话,轻轻一点,好友间即可随心畅享免费高清语音视频通话服务。爱免费电话,爱高清语音,爱视频聊天,爱免费省钱,爱掌心中流畅的感觉,爱屌丝们笑,也爱话费控哭,我不是微信、米聊、飞聊、talkbox,也不是skype、viber、G3通话,更不是爱聊、有信、通通、阿里通、KC、UU、vivicall,我是新一代屌丝神器,我是天天电话,马上下载享用吧! 主要特点:...

  • TT Note notepad notes




    English Title:TT Note notepad notes English Keywords: notepad,note,notes,Notebook, Notebooks,Notepad,Notes,APP,Note,Cloud notes,Shopping List,notepad,Notepad,To-do List,To do,To-do,notepad,notes,Notebooks,Notepad app,notepad app,App,List maker,Calendar,Evernote,Evernote Corp,ColorNote,Memo,Text...

  • Scene Music




    Usage scene music before the meeting, the status is set to 'meeting', your status and ring tones immediately change into a meeting. Friends will hear the scene music and know you are in a meeting. In addition to the 'meeting', scene music provides the 'driving car',...

  • nublogs




    nublogs' vision is to setup a Social Cloud and enrich people's life through communications. There are two fundamental elements inside the Social Cloud, information and people. The information on nublogs is organized as 'nublog', nublog is a piece of multimedia information, and...

  • Aico Mail-電子郵箱




    Aico Mail is the email application which supports to send voice mail, video mail, hand-painted and hand-written mail etc. It can receive and check emails in real-time, and download accessories in high-speed. At the same time you can send emotional expression, location information and business...

  • Waka




    Waka is quietly popular now.It supports IM,Voice Intercom,light-blogging,3th IM(ICQ/Gtalk/Yahoo/MSN),Group Chat,Addressbook backup and recovery. If you feel that sending sms by pressing key is bothersome,if you would like to communicate to friends of MSN,Gtalk or Yahoo by using the one client,if...

  • TT Picture--photo tool




    "TT Picture" is the best professional pictures landscaping software. It is Fun and easy-to-use with powerful photo editing and beautifying function. It can make your photos more beautiful and colorful.Wish you like it.

  • Aico File Manager




    Aico File Manager is a file management tool, which is easy to use and own excellent function, it can search file ultra-fast, can quickly use categories to find file, can efficiently manage phone files and applications; it support many advanced services such as: Network Disk, Network File...

  • TT Contacts




    TT Contacts, is commitment to overall raise your convenience of contacts' application, which provides a series useful feature,including super-addressbook, speed search, addressbook backup and recovery, cloud card, check useful life’s number and space zone etc.. Aimi contacts provide you a...

  • nublogs Ascend




    Aplicación creada exclusivamente para la línea de celulares Ascend, la mejor opción de Smartphones en su segmento de mercado; con nublogs en tu Ascend, la comunicación con los que más te importan no tiene límites… Acerca de nublogs: La visión de nublogs es crear una Nube Social y enriquecer la...

  • Aico智绘贺卡




    《Aico智绘贺卡》是一款集传统和手绘为一体功能强大的个性贺卡制作软件,这款免费的小软件能帮助您创建出一张张个性化的贺卡:节日卡、生日卡、圣诞卡、情人卡等等,向您的朋友、恋人、同事、领导、亲人、长辈表达出最独特的那份心意和创意。Aico电子贺卡制作非常简单便捷,可以使用系统提供的贺卡和祝福语直接发送给对方,也可以DIY个性贺卡和祝福语,生成一张全世界独一无二的贺卡再发送,收到贺卡的TA,会不会格外的惊喜呢?赶紧动手亲自制作一张贺卡试试吧!你的第一张贺卡会发给谁呢?边做边想吧~~~ 更新说明: 1、增加圣诞节、情人节、冬至等几十款精美节日贺卡...

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