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  • Kids Karaoke

    Kids Karaoke




    Kids Karaoke, a multilingual sing along karaoke app for little ones as well as grown ups who want to learn nursery rhymes in their own, or perhaps in several other, languages. Sing along with, and learn the words of, the most internationally known nursery rhymes out there, switch languages or...

  • Kids Karaoke - xmas

    Kids Karaoke - xmas




    The Christmas edition of the Kids Karaoke app. Sing along with a selection of some of the most famous Christmas carols. Sing together with your loved ones and enjoy the different carols in different languages. Kids karaoke is a multilingual karaoke app and Kids Karaoke xmas is the same...

  • Karaoke Maker

    Karaoke Maker




    Make your own karaoke! Your songs, your karaoke - Select your favorite songs from your own collection of songs - Import songs/audio files of different audio formats e.g. mp3, ogg, raw, etc. - Import or input the lyrics of the song - Synchronize text and music within the app - Sing and optionally...

  • What is the IP address?

    What is the IP address?




    What is the IP address? - Adobe cordova (phonegap) angularjs web application to resolve IP addresses. - Resolve your own IP address - Enter any IP address and get detailed information about location, hostname, country, city, etc. - App has a flat UI design for simplicity and usability. IP...

  • MFF live wallpaper

    MFF live wallpaper




    MFF live wallpaper

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