• Air France Press


    All Air France customers can enjoy a wide selection of newspapers and magazines available at no extra charge for smartphones and tablets. Your kiosk In just a few clicks, download your favorite French and international publications, and read them at any time, with or without an Internet...

  • Air France




    Get away now with the new Air France smartphone app! Your trip at your fingertips Purchase tickets, check in, modify your reservation, view your flight status or your Flying Blue account: organize every aspect of your trip from your mobile phone. New user experience Discover our new...

  • Cloud Slicer




    Welcome to Cloud Slicer, where the objective is to slice as many clouds as possible! But don't slice the moon or you will lose all your lives! After the game, users are able to see their score and ranking. Everyone can play, but for two months starting from the 5th of January 2015, the top...

  • Air France Music




    We are excited to introduce Air France Music, a whole new way to discover music from Air France. Simply download the app and hold your phone up. We have scattered hundreds of songs in the sky all around the world. When you find a song, you ‘catch it’ and you can listen to it right away. The...

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