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AntiSpamSMS ********************************************* ********** Please Use AntiSpamSMS 2 ********* ********************************************* Google Translate.. AntiSpamSMS free / paid features. Seem eliminate the function has automated features. Has written most of the new code. Spam call / block / mute fixed. ***************************…

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AntiSpamSMS 2

AntiSpamSMS 2 SMS Spam Block, Spam Call Block, Outgoing Call Confirm : All At Once. * Key features - SMS spam block / filter - MMS spam block / filter (* Blocked MMS cannot be restored) - Incoming spam call notification, rejection, silence - Outgoing call confirm : Confirmation before dialing * More features - Allow my contacts : white list…

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APermissionChecker This app provide app permissions, CPU load, app backup, system information. * Features - Uninstaller(Icon Long Click) - Backup Installed App(Icon Long Click) - Show Installed App Permission Use - Show Installed App By Permission - Show Realtime Running Process CPU Load - Show System Informations * Usage - Just Run. Vari…

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AMosRingtone(Morse Ringtone) Letters, numbers, and Hangul (consonants, vowels) and converted to Morse code for the view Cell phone ring tones, alerts that can save the aepipnida negatively. Ads will be distributed free of charge include: * Permissions - Storage: Ringtones, you need to save Tone - Network communications: need for containing…

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More Dimmer

MoreDimmer Bright screen and darker screen filter is set to You can reduce eye strain. * features - Set the screen darker - Set the screen brightness from the notification bar - Black, yellow, red or whatever color settings - After 5 seconds after rebooting the screen filters applied ** Notice - When using MoreDimmer, you can not inst…

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App2Me * Features - Installed App List Backup(Cloud, SD Card) - Uninstaller(Icon Long Click) - Backup Installed App(Icon Long Click) - Quick Launcher Widget * Usage - Android Settings->Privacy : Require Check Back up my data, Automatic restore - When App2Me uninstall, reinstall Automaticaly Google Cloud Storate Used. - Or Use Local Back…

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T Pocket-Fi Manager

T Pocket-Fi Manager T Pocket-Fi Manager is management tool(Web-CM) helper app. * Features  - T Pocket-Fi(SBR-200S) Manager - Web-CM Manager - Automatic login Web-CM - T Pocket-FI initial SSID, SSID password, Web-CM Login ID / PW * This app is open source and public image, etc. are used.

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=================================== Control@Notification Control@Notification can toggle WiFi, 3G/LTE, Sync... from notification and launcher * Useful to phone that do not have manufacturer power control widget such as Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 * features - Notification widget - App(Launcher) Widget - WiFi On/Off (toggle) - 3G/4G/LTE On/Off (tog…

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AFlashlight * Feature Camera LED Flash Or White Screen Flash * Use Permissions - Take pictures and videos : For Camera Flash * Note - long time use cause battery consumption - long time use camera flash is not good idea. - use at your own risk!! * v0.56, 0.57 2012-08-28 - Remove AdMob AD * v0.54, 0.55, 2011-12-31 - Compatibility Fix *…

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Location Alarm

Location Alarm Google Translation ======================================= Location alerts when it detects a set back position is the app that the notification. Kyeodumyeon subway commute myopia location alerts to keep you informed of the set position. * How to use Notification of location information is for reference only. It does not guarantee…

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