• 모바일 상위노출 프로그램


    N사의 모바일 상위노출을 위한 프로그램입니다. N사의 블로그, 카페, 지식인 등의 모바일 통합검색 순위의 상위노출을 위한 안드로이드 어플입니다. 다음의 경로에서 확인하실 수 있습니다. 본 어플은, 블로그, 카페, 지식인과 싸이월드, 티스토리, 웹문서 등의 N사 모바일 통합검색 순위의 상위노출을 위한 어플이며, 본 어플을 사용하기 위해서는 Windows 용 프로그램을 설치하여 지정된 설정을 하여야 합니다. 관리자의 인증이 필요한 프로그램입니다. 본 어플은, 무료 테스트 기간이...

  • Set Time Battery Charge TTS


    During that time period (for example: 22 H, 22:00 to 22:59) is less than the specified value in the battery or the charging and tells you charge is required to speech. Since the use of the speech, to be able to output the TTS on the device.

  • Flash LED Light


    Flash LED Light The program, A flashlight application on the device using the camera's flash. Run the program, Click the button on the screen, turn on the flashlight and off. Rights for turning on the camera flash, except not require any permission.

  • Non-smoking, smoking history


    * Non-smoking, smoking history * Non-smoking , smoking, smoking history, non-smoking time , smoking can * This program is to minimize the stress of quitting and always try to quit smoking is a program that provides an opportunity . * Fails every time jaksim samilro smoking , quit smoking , you...

  • Clock on screen the top


    Digital Clock on screen the top On top of the screen shows the digital clock. Shows the digital clock on the top of the screen. You can move the position to touch the time. If you touch one time, it was shut down this button to exit. Be run in full screen games screen, you can check the time....

  • IP Change,Interval,Auto


    IP Change, Interval, AutoExecute The program has a specified interval (Minute) attempts to change the IP. IP is that IP is assigned by the service provider may not be changed. IP does not change, reason, will not be refunded. The program of the data communication ON / OFF via the attempt,...

  • Analects of Confucius, 論語


    * 學而第一 * 爲政第二 * 八佾第三 * 里仁第四 * 公冶長第五 * 雍也第六 * 述而第七 * 泰伯第八 * 子罕第九 * 鄕黨第十 * 先進第十一 * 顔淵第十二 * 子路第十三 * 憲問第十四 * 衛靈公第十五 * 季氏第十六 * 陽貨第十七 * 微子第十八 * 子張第十九 * 堯曰第二十 * 최초 사용시 사용시점 + 7일간 사용할 수 있으며, 구매가 확인되면, 2030-12-31까지 사용할 수 있습니다. * 자료가 서버에 있기에 인터넷연결이...

  • 千字文/四字小學


    * 천자문(千字文)/사자소학(四字小學) 원문(독음/뜻/해설) * 천자문(千字文) * 사자소학(四字小學) - 四字小學 - 孝行 - 四字小學 - 夫婦/兄弟 - 四字小學 - 師弟 - 四字小學 - 朋友 - 四字小學 - 修身 * 최초 사용시 사용시점 + 7일간 사용할 수 있으며, 구매가 확인되면, 2030-12-31까지 사용할 수 있습니다. * 자료가 서버에 있기에 인터넷연결이...

  • Mencius, 孟子




    * 사서삼경 (四書三經) 중 맹자(孟子) * 원문(독음/해설/현토) * 梁惠王上 --- 何必曰利 --- 與民偕樂 --- 王無罪歲 --- 以刃與政 --- 可使制 --- 不嗜殺人 --- 齊桓晉文 * 梁惠王下 --- 莊暴見孟子 --- 文王之囿 --- 寡人好勇 --- 樂以天下 --- 好貨好色 --- 王顧左右 --- 所謂故國 --- 聞誅一夫 --- 爲巨室 --- 避水火也 --- 諸侯救燕 --- 鄒與魯鬨 --- 間於齊楚 --- 齊人將築薛 --- 效死勿去 --- 嬖人臧倉 * 公孫丑上 --- 管仲晏子 --- 浩然之氣 ---...

  • 대학/중용(大學/中庸) : 원문(독음/해설/현토)


    * The three most scenic spots to buy (四 书 三 经) of the University / Load (大学 / 中庸) * Original (SOLO / commentary / hyeonto) * University of Chapter 10 * Duty Chapter 33 * First point of use when using + 7 days may be used    Purchase is confirmed, you can use up to 2030-12-31. * Data on the...

  • Number,dual number,two numbers




    Number, plus a dual number, two numbers, letters boilerplate This program is SKT, KT, LG U + carrier-added services in each Number, plus a dual number, two numbers plus the name of the service you are using, such as users. For example, if the user numbers plus SKT called party number via a...

  • Programming Reference


    Programming Reference,Programming Guide,Programmer,API,Example ※ Internet connection required. ※ Will continue to be updated. * Visual Basic 6 Reference * Visual Basic .NET Reference * PHP Reference * ASP Reference * MySQL Reference * Linux Reference * Color Table * ASCII Code Table * Android...

  • Hang up,Ring off,Reject a call


    * Auto Hangup * Registration number, name, group name, an incoming call automatically disconnects the call. * Some numbers, words can be entered by * '0000 'Is the password for the first time. * To register, modify, and delete, you will need an Internet connection. * Registration...

  • History Deleter, Eraser,Remote




    AI History Deleter, Eraser * This application can be controlled remotely. * Remote control can be turned off. * default password : 0000 * You can delete the records of the following items. - Delete Call Log/SMS Log - Delete Browser History - Delete Gmail Search History - Delete Vending...

  • Battery Leak Alarm,use record




    Battery Leak Alarm,use record The program, Detects the battery consumption, Consumption of battery consumption is set higher, the user sound, vibration, notify through dialogue. - 10% of the battery usage of the unit is recognized as a part of the terminal unit, the setting value can be set in...

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