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AJS, Inc.

  • a1-OIRANgirl





    Design sexy illustrations of Huakui. Modern gorgeous gilt pattern. The clean finish of love poetry.

  • a1-Bodyguard





    Samurai sword-wielding Japanese mountain Mount Fuji in the background the image of a watercolor painting. "Yojimbo" and represents the traditional Japanese bodyguards.

  • a1-風林火山





    Takeda Shingen noted in the banner, "like the wind [風林火山, quiet as a forest, fierce as fire, take it like a mountain] 'represents the.

  • a1-affectionate letter

    a1-affectionate letter




    Traditional image of Japanese kimono culture. Waka Japanese songs I draw on it.

  • a1-A sage

    a1-A sage




    Never have a home stay "wandering people". "Yidao flow" is one samurai sword fight.

  • a1-flowered SKULL

    a1-flowered SKULL




    Network effects in a flower with a skull in a cool Shon ゙ ゙ latte, too cute to ゙ Unisex Allen system.

  • a1-Wing in wave

    a1-Wing in wave




    ゙ ゙ イン test support with a cool neon off the deep BLUE is recommended for those who want to express is COOL.

  • a1-the bottom of a lake

    a1-the bottom of a lake




    Japanese patterns and designs have the appearance of shiny neon goldfish swimming in the lake bottom. Heal your heart soft shimmering ripples.

  • a1-A Spangled Heart

    a1-A Spangled Heart




    Te ゙ ゙ イン passionate support such a system is sinking in a cocktail Yueru ゙ ° Span call option date ゙ Taminkara yellow heart.

  • a1-an amorous jewel

    a1-an amorous jewel




    And co-produce a feeling of luxury and cool Ya s co ゙ ゙ ゙ Andrassy Andrassy Yasushi ゙ ゙ ゙ Kokaeru Yueri ☆ test.

  • a1-Blue Dragon Dance

    a1-Blue Dragon Dance




    It's Japanese Dragon. Te ゙ ゙ イン size and feel the light of the neon gods to cover the Blue Dragon.

  • a1-the Galaxy of Flowers Black

    a1-the Galaxy of Flowers Black




    Princess Rhinestone + Japanese style night. Works inspired by flowers in bright galaxies.

  • a1-Spring has come

    a1-Spring has come




    ゙ ゙ イン testing support A cute announce the arrival of spring. ゙ full size Kete ゙ ゙ イン Ha La ゙ ゙ He wraps the light like a lame Lumpur.

  • a1-Solve a Seal

    a1-Solve a Seal




    Las ★ ° off the sweetness within the cool white-key ゙ He Baiyin A sparkling heart ☆

  • a1-Restrained snake

    a1-Restrained snake




    Accented with a red heart in silver-Courtet ★ ゙ ゙ ゙ イン support over Snake! "° Sinh Le and cool" to support ゙ ゙ イン.

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