AK company

  • Strategy War: island




    Strategy War: island - a unique real-time strategy. This already fragile world of post-nuclear war plunged into the water, and every piece of land is at a premium. And here he is this bar of gold suddenly appeared island, which begin their fight 4 independent and strong factions. Be the first to...

  • Flappy Spirit




    Ghost Garry runs his legs from the evil magician Borze . Previously, Garry was an ordinary boy who decided with his friends search of adventure in an old abandoned castle. Once you get into the castle, and they did not think that will awaken a terrible sorcerer , frozen in stone deep in...

  • Christmas Arkanoid




    Help Santa Claus collect the gifts, earn points and share Christmas with family joy. Cheerful Arkanoid immerse you in the Christmas spirit, wonderful music will not let you get bored.

  • Christmas Arkanoid: Anime


    A wonderful New Year's breakout game that perfectly captures the feel of the holiday season. You will manage the platform and Christmas decorations. Also, in this game you expect lively music and a variety of interesting fields, made ​​up of blocks, gifts. There are over 20 levels in each of...

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