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  • Restaurant Finder

    Restaurant Finder




    Restaurant Finder offers a convenient way to find restaurants around you. You can search for restaurants nearby or type in an address or or zipcode. If you are looking for restaurants, this app will find them for you. You don't even need to type anything. Restaurant Finder works in USA, UK,...

  • Quiz for World Cup 2014

    Quiz for World Cup 2014




    Quiz for World Cup 2014 is a picture quiz game where you can test your football knowledge. It includes pictures of football players going to the world cup in Brazil this year 2014. To win, you must answer with the correct name of the player shown in the picture. You can unlock 5 normal levels by...

  • Similar Alternatives

    Similar Alternatives




    Looking for a product's closest competitors? Use Similar Alternatives app to find them. E.G. Looking for a DLSR camera, and your friend has a Canon 5D and you'd like to know what other cameras in the market are considered similar? Just type the name of the product and hit search.

  • Quento lite

    Quento lite




    Quento lite is a simple game that makes doing math fun. You are supposed to connect the tiles together to make one of the target totals listed above the board. Quento lite is a great brain workout tool aimed at anyone who enjoys a little math and can also be a great game for teaching kids...

  • Don't Tap the Odd Tile

    Don't Tap the Odd Tile




    Don't Tap the Odd Tile is a fun and addictive game similar to the games where you must not tap the white tile except in this game, you are not allowed to tap the odd Tile (1,3,5,7,9 etc). * Time Challenge You must score as much as possible before the time runs out. You can add time by...

  • Sheep or Goat Cat or Dog

    Sheep or Goat Cat or Dog




    Sheep or Goat is a fun and addictive game where you have to be quick. You are asked whether the picture is of a sheep or a goat and you must quickly answer before the time runs out. It gets addictive and competitive when you try to beat your friends scores. Sheep or Goat comes with two...

  • Quick Reader

    Quick Reader




    Quick Reader allows you to read faster. You can read news articles and books in a fraction of the time. Quick Reader is based Spritzer Text View which is based on a technology that allows you to read faster. Spritzer Text View uses rapid serial visual presentation, or RSVP, to display words one...

  • Reddit Pictures

    Reddit Pictures




    Reddit Pictures lets you browse reddit in pictures. You can browse any sub reddit if it has image posts. It is simply an uncluttered list of pictures from reddit. Reddit pictures allows you to browse any image sub reddit including GIF subs. You can enter the sub Reddit manually or click...

  • Reddit Pictures Pro

    Reddit Pictures Pro




    This version of reddit porn that contains no ads This app allows you to browse reddit with pictures. You can easily browse through the images posted in any subreddit. You can enter a subreddit or choose from one of the default one. Features: - Save Image - Set Image as Wallpaper - Open link...

  • piQ Find Answers

    piQ Find Answers




    Ask questions and find answers. Wondering what that thing is? Take a picture and ask on piQ piQ is a social app where you can quickly and easily ask questions with pictures and find the answer. How it works: 1. You come across an object and you don't know what it is, or how it is used,...

  • World Money Quiz

    World Money Quiz




    This is a picture quiz game similar to logo quiz. You must guess which country the money is from. Contains notes and coins from: Canada Indonesia Turkey Iran Australia Taiwan Poland Demark Argentina Netherlands SaudiArabia Thailand UnitedStates China Japan India Germany Russia Brazil...

  • Gesture Search Alternative

    Gesture Search Alternative




    Organize your apps automatically This app is kind of like Gesture Search but with a little extra. It makes organizing your installed application much easier. Instead of manually creating folders for different applications, you can use this app to have all your apps automatically organised,...

  • London Live Wallpaper

    London Live Wallpaper


    This is a live wallpaper of London. it features Big Ben and moving traffic in a summer's evening. A demo of this live wallpaper can be seen here How to install: - Go to settings - Click Display - Click wallpaper - Click Live wallpaper - Select London Live...

  • Arab Celebrity Quiz المشاهير

    Arab Celebrity Quiz المشاهير




    This is a picture quiz app like logo quiz. In this app you must guess the name of the arabic celebrity and collect points to unlock the next level. It includes some very well known people as well as some lesser known celebrities to make it a little challenging. Countries included: Algeria...

  • Wallpapers - Mobiles & Tablets

    Wallpapers - Mobiles & Tablets




    Over 1000 HD wallpapers for smartphones and tablets ranked by users. Features: - New wallpapers - Top rated - Save image - Share image - Set as wallpaper - Hide previously seen wallpapers - Smartphone and tablet dimensions 480 x 800, 480 x 854, 1280 x 720, 1280 x 800

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