Akira Apps

  • Mortal Kombat 9 Movelist




    The other apps dont give you customization like this. Text size(normal/large), and controls(ps3/xbox/normal) can be changed. no more trying to map FP to square in your head, its all done for you! All moves All combos(including juggles) All fatalities(including pit and babality) All codes

  • My Road Trip


    ****over 380 pics of beautiful scenery and wildlife**** Late last year I took a 6 month road trip with my dog Akira. Starting in Illinois I made it all the way to Alaska. This book documents that trip. Mostly just pictures but there is some text. Please help me do it again by buying my app....

  • Tekken 6 Guide




    my last app was pulled due to copyright. so i have released this version with all images deleted.

  • Fish Logger


    A quick and easy fish logging tool. it automatically logs the entry date and coords however the user is allowed to log extra data such as the species or size of the fish. all entries can be displayed including the picture and the location on the map where the fish was caught.

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