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Al Yaros

  • PC Remote Control

    PC Remote Control


    You can execute a processes, control a slideshow, start \ control or a movie, perform keystrokes and many more.. In the application there are 6 configurable actions which are available by clicking 1-6 buttons and one more additional action can be performed by turning the phone up side down....

  • Swipe Me In

    Swipe Me In




    Swipe Me In is password manager application composed from a mobile application and Windows desktop application both are free for use. It helps you to perform automatic login on your desktop PC by a single swipe on your mobile device. It also helps you to manage your passwords in a secure and...

  • Kaijon To Phone

    Kaijon To Phone




    Kaijon to Phone lets you easily share links, currently selected phone numbers and SMS text between your PC browser and your Android device. You'll need to install both the browser extension on your PC and the Android application on your phone. Extensions can be found at:...

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