Alarm Clock Plus / Binary Tactics, LLC.

  • 7.0

    Alarm Clock Plus★




    Set many alarms and check the weather forecast

  • Radar Gun




    Radar Gun turns your phone into a radar gun calculating the speed of baseball, softball, or little league pitches. Track your pitch count and get accurate speed information based on the timing of the pitch. Useful for scouting or monitoring pitches. Radar Gun is also a useful application for...

  • 7.0

    Alarm Clock Plus(NoAds)




    Set many alarms and check the weather forecast

  • White Noizzz




    White Noise Machine for sleeping or relaxing -Use as standalone, or from Alarm Clock Plus! -Set auto off time! -Runs audio in background! No need to leave app open! -Ad Free if Alarm Clock Plus (NoAds) installed! -App2sd NOW SUPPORTED! -USE ANY APP for noise and set it to stop automatically!

  • Tip Calc Plus - Tip Calculator




    Tired of all those other clunky tip calculators? Well Tip Calc Plus is by far the most user friendly and fastest way to calculate your tip, and split your bill. This app features the ability to round the tip or total either up or down to the nearest whole dollar, or even quarter dollar!...

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