Aleksey Taranov

  • Defense And Assault




    Conquer and rule the planet. Capture enemy bases sending the units. Use destroyed bases to get more resources.

  • Draw Downhill




    Help Santa to move down from a mountain. Draw his path with a touch. Collect all items to enter the next level.

  • Deep Quest




    Control the underground ship. Collect all items and exit the level. Avoid a lava flows.

  • Riddles




    Guess a riddleses. Get a score for each guessed riddle. Use a hint to find all words.

  • Rebus




    Guess a rebuses on a pictures. Get a score for each guessed rebus. Use a hint to find all words.

  • Blocks




    Put blocks to fill all empty cells. You can move them with a finger. You can't put them on each other.

  • Jigsaw Puzzles 2




    Play a classic Jigsaw Puzzle game. Combine pieces into one picture.

  • Make Words




    Make words from a word. Get a score for each found word. Use a hint to find all words.

  • Word Search




    Search the words on the field. Words are placed in three directions: horizontally, vertically, diagonally.

  • Break Bricks




    Try to break all bricks to enter the next level. Some bricks have bonus, that could help you.

  • Candy Match 3 Remove




    Enjoy a new Candy Match 3 game. Explore different locations and collect candies. Buy bonus items to complete your journey. - match 3 and more same items to collect them. - smash all colored tiles to complete the level. - buy bonuses to speed up the game. - bonuses can be upgraded 2 times. - for...

  • Bubble Shooter




    Control the gun and shoot the bubbles. Bubbles can stick to the top border or other bubbles. If bubble hits side borders - it will change direction. If you attach 3 and more same bubbles - they will disappear. Bubbles shift down after certain period of time. When they reach your gun - you...

  • Marble Bubbles




    Play and enjoy a new marble bubble game. Shoot all bubbles before they reach the end point. Use powerful bonuses to speed up the game. For every 10,000 points you will earn an extra life. Use bonuses to speed up the game: Freeze - pearls do not move Slowdown - pearls movement will slow...

  • Matches Puzzles




    Solve puzzles with matches. Think twice before you make a move. Train your smart brain.

  • Unblock




    Unblock the green block. Move blocks to complete the task. Solve the puzzles to pass all levels.

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