Alen Brkicic

  • Toothbrush helper




    Toothbrush helper App for Kids! Watch your little ones look forward to brushing their teeth. The toothbrush helper features a very cute HELPER and a progressbar, so kids know exactly how long they need to brush! No more quick brush overs. This is a fun and innovative way to encourage your child...

  • Jumpy Cube




    I like to jump on platforms. Just touch the screen and when you release i will jump. Hold your finger longer on the screen to let me jump higher. Have fun..

  • Robot Love


    The story is about the big love between two robots! But the Evil one has kidnapped the girl and your goal is to save her! Fight against different evil robots and different Levels to get to the end-boss! Have fun..

  • Color Dragons


    Color Dragons is a funny Shooting Game. Touch on your device and the cannon will shoot in this direction. Your aim is to shoot as many Dragons as you can.. Your Time is LIMITED! Do not let them escape.. Can your FRIENDS beat your SCORE? POWER UPS: - Collect the Clock Power Up to get more...





    Iphone like sms widget! Place on your Desktop, click on it to open your sms inbox. It counts your new sms. DO NOT OPEN AFTER DOWNLOAD -->INSTALL: long press an empty area on your Homescreen->Widgets->SMS Counter(Iphone) Update: 1.6 ready!

  • My Contacts Widget




    Home Screen TAB WIDGET! Quick contact caller. 4 Different TABS! Each tab can contain 6 different contacts. This is a fullscreen WIDGET! Watch video to see how to add the widget to your homescreen. Tested on G1 and HTC Magic. If u don't like it, u can refund until 24h! *upd. 1.2 ->...

  • Ragdoll Bomber




    Ragdoll Bomber is a simple and fun game! Your Job is to guide the rag-doll to the big TARGET and the level is solved.. Bombs and Rockets are your best friends.. use them to remove some obstacles which are blocking your way.. Have fun.

  • Indios World




    Help Indi to collect the coins and to kill all the bombs which are trying to stop you! Avoid the spikes and evil green poison spitting plant! 2d platformer --> 10 Levels ( More levels will come over the free update.. ) --> Add supported Have Fun.

  • Robi Rob




    Robi Rob is a cool physics-based puzzle game. Help Robi Rob to escape the big City. Touch on objects to remove them. Activate switches to change the flying direction. Some objects can't be removed. Have fun!

  • Pig Hunter




    The amazing physics game PIG HUNTER is a really good puzzle game. Train your brain skills with a lot of levels and funny animations. Simply touch the hunter, drag your finger behind the hunter and shoot some arrows on those pigs! But take care, your arrows are limited!!! HAVE FUN!

  • Toddlers Underwater World




    A nice puzzle game for toddlers. Toddlers Underwater World is an funny animated underwater world for your kids. Your Kids will have so much fun. The animals are animated and if you touch them, they will make an sound and funny animations.. - To modes available: 1. Underwater world 2....

  • Candy Loc


    Candy Loc is a funny learning game for the kids. There are 3 play modes. 1. Candy Mode: (Collect Candy's) 2. Learn MATH 2. Learn ABCDEF The train is driving through the level and will stop on different checkpoint to let the kids collect candy's or to let them solve the calculation....

  • Candy Loc Free




    Candy Loc is a funny learning game for the kids. There are 3 play modes. 1. Candy Mode: (Collect Candy's) 2. Learn MATH 3. Learn ABCDEF !!! THIS IS THE FREE VERSION, ONLY THE 1. Candy MODE is playable !!! The train is driving through the level and will stop on different checkpoint to let...

  • Star Teddy Free




    Help the Teddy to collect all the stars. You can draw simples lines with your FINGER to help him over the hills ;-) BUT TAKE CARE! YOUR LINES ARE LIMITED!! - TOUCH THE CAR --> WILL START OR STOP IT - YELLOW SIGNS --> WILL AUTO INVERSE YOUR TORQUE! - DOUBLE TAP --> DELETE ALL...

  • Get The Gold (Free)




    ///////////////////////////// The aim of the game is to destroy the buildings so that the Treasurebox falls on the island and stay there.. if it falls into the water.. you have lost and your ship will sink.. ***RUNS ON GALAXY TAB TOO 10 Levels are free.. Have fun.. //////////////////////////

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