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AlertID Mobile Live Safely with AlertID™. AlertID’s mission is to help people live safely by providing a secure way to receive trusted public safety alerts and share information with neighbors. Visit us at Alerts AlertID provides important alerts from trusted sources that you can use to keep your family safe. We provide local…

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DeSales Emergency Alert System

Our mission is to make public safety information universally accessible, helping you to protect your family and community. The DeSales Emergency Alert System, powered by AlertID is a free application that has proven to reduce crime and enhance public safety and has received the endorsement of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

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AlertID® AlertID is your family & neighborhood security network. AlertID is a free app that helps people live safely by: •Providing timely and accurate safety information about their neighborhoods; and •Connecting people with their neighbors. Keep your family and neighborhood safe by downloading AlertID now and begin sharing information,…

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