Alessandro Boccalatte

  • AR Compass




    AR Compass stands for "Augmented Reality compass". The app will show a 3D compass on top of the real world view of your phone camera. ARCompass shows the precise value of your direction angle as well as your current GPS location (latitude and longitude). Simple, but nice,...

  • Dungeon Gravity Ball




    Move a gravity controlled ball in a 3D dungeon-like labyrinth by tilting your phone; collect coins and watch out for holes and ghosts; cross moving bridges and avoid falling down into a dead-hot magma pool.

  • Rolling Penguin Free




    Make the penguin roll in the most amazing 3D pinball ever landed in antarctica; tilt your phone to collect fishes while watching out for hunters and polar bears; cross the moving icebergs and avoid falling down into ice-cold waters.

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