Alex Corbi

  • Frano Prochazka Photography




    Born in Bratislava. Fraňo Procházka spent most of his early years in Kvetnica, a village in the north of Slovakia. He studied Computer Science in Czech Republic and Denmark where he found his interest in photography. He was working as programmer in Madrid (Spain) where he took documentary...

  • Maria Corbi Illustrator




    Maria Corbi is an illustrator and graphic designer with over 10 years experience in the fields of advertisement, concept development and design, she is focused in topics like fashion, advertising, and editorial work. Enjoy her beautiful illustration works with this Application, learn more about...

  • AirText




    Allows the user to communicate with the screen in low-light (disco, at night) Different colors,shapes, nice UI. - Shake: Shaking the mobile from side to side.Implements P.O.V cool effect. - Scroll: Led-ticker-like - Morse: Screen blinks to show a morse-coded message. visit...

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