Alex Y. Lee

  • C# Quiz - Test your C# skills




    C# Quiz App is an application that you can measure your C# programming skills. By carefully reviewing the C# quizzes, you will likely learn more about C#, too. In this App, you will be asked to solve problems in various levels. If you failed to pass a level, you might get different set of...

  • C# 스터디 (




    C#을 배우고자 하는 분들을 위한 정보 제공 사이트 에서 다양한 예제를 통해 보다 쉽게 C#을 배웁시다! csharpstudy.com의 모바일 App.

  • Points ID Card




    Points ID Card is the mobile ID card app for any store customer using systems. This App shows QR code to identify the customer's ID. Any customer can sign up free and get store points from the stores using web system.

  • Points Card Reader


    Points Card Reader is points management app for the store account members. This App can scan Points ID Card of the customer and add store points onto the card. If the customer has rewards points, this App allows the customer to use the rewards points.

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