Alexander Taffy

  • Restruct Maxim Tesak

    Restruct Maxim Tesak




    Russian Book.

  • Who is Who quiz

    Who is Who quiz




    How smart you are? Show me what you can do. Pass all the way to the end. You know who's smarter - a fly or an elephant. You'll know who is heavier - a car or a kangaroo. Earn points and unlock new levels. All you've dreamed collected in this game. You're sure to become smarter...

  • Guess the picture quiz

    Guess the picture quiz




    Your brain continues to evolve. See pictures and guess the word. In the first level you need to determine what is hidden under a cloth. In the second level, you will see an x-ray pictures. At the third level, I hid things under water, and you need to determine what is hidden under water. Very...

  • Evolution quiz

    Evolution quiz




    I know that you will be in play this summer! Quiz "Evolution". Check your brains. You have to make a choice, if your choice is true, then you get points. If you make a choice - false, you lose points. If you are victorious, you will open a new level. You have to choose what is faster: a...

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