• BtConnect for Sony SmartWatch

    BtConnect for Sony SmartWatch


    Animated widget activity (connections) on a bluetooth with a smartphone. When connecting smoothly changes color from white to blue. In the absence of communication, flashes red and white icons. (At rest - white) Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2

  • Military for Sony SW

    Military for Sony SW




    This application "Military" adds 7 plugins analog clock for Sony Smartwatch. Digital date in all plugins using built-in "segment" font. Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2

  • AmperRed for Sony Smartwatch

    AmperRed for Sony Smartwatch




    Plug-in for controlling all parameters phone battery. 1x1 widget allows you to monitor the battery charge the phone without having to launch the plugin. In the plug two services. First, waiting for notification (Intents) from the controller battery. Second itself sends requests to the...

  • Screen Off and Lock quick

    Screen Off and Lock quick




    Simple and very fast "Killssreen." Puts the device into sleep mode and blocks it. Not slow to run applications from sleep mode and screen blocking. You can assign a lock on the Screen Off AlexMail on a soft key. 100% compatible with SENS, TouchwizUX and other launchers. The cache is not...

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