• Percussion Drums




    You can play percussion drums directly on your Android device! You can use drum panel with all instruments, or use single instruments (Darbuka (Doumbek, Tabla), Tambourine and Maracas are now available). If you already have "hardware" instrument – you can use this app when you...

  • Christmas Gifts Shopping List




    Do you want to make Christmas and New Year gifts to your family and friends? You can make this shopping easier with Christmas Gifts Shopping List application for your Android phone. Now you can organize it easily. You just need to create list (for example, "Gifts for my girlfriend"),...

  • Beer Opener for Android




    Funny application which simulate beer opener. To "open" bottle you need: 1. Hold your finger on opener on the screen. 2. Attach the phone to the bottle like attaching real beer opener. 3. Move it up - simulate real opening gesture. 4. Drink you beer ;) Application is free but contains...

  • Pencil Sketch Photo Effect




    Make your photos look like sketch. This application provides filter that transforms your photo to pencil-style painting. Select photo from gallery or take from camera. Share sketch with your friends!

  • Keyhole Scare Prank




    Scare you friends! When you see screen with keyhole - you can scroll back image with beautiful girl, and after 10 touches scary face will appear with crazy evil scream! =)

  • Digital Battery Widget




    Battery Level Widget for your Android phone or tablet! This widget is an electronic indicator panel in digital style covered with glass. Battery Level Widget inform you about battery level. Three color themes are available: orange, green and blue. Change it by clicking on widget. Please email...

  • Retro Photo Effect




    Make your photos looking old-style. Add retro effect! You can add imitation of damage. Select photo from gallery or take from camera. Share processed photo with your friends!

  • Who are you? - Finger Scan




    Fake your friends - make them to think this app scan social networks to find photos according to their fingerscans! Before scanning you have to go to Settings menu and: 1. To set real photo (for example, your photo). It will be shown as a scan result at first scan. 2. Select funny picture that...

  • Hand Bell and Cowbell Shaker




    Use shaking your phone to ring the bell! :) Now 2 bells are available: Hand Bell and Cowbell. Entertain you friends, especially when you need them to get up ;) Application is free but contains ads - the way I can keep application free.

  • Digital Circle Battery Widget




    Battery Widget for your Android phone or tablet! This widget is an transparent glass round indicator. Color arc near widget border indicates battery life and text in the center of the widget shows battery level in percents. Due to transparency Battery Widget looks excellent on any kind of...

  • Finger Scanner - Past Life




    Find out who you were in a previous life by scanning your fingerprint! Share the result to your friends!

  • Shopping List




    You can make shopping easier with Shopping List application for your Android phone. Arrange your purchases (the way you like) - groceries, clothes or any stuff you want to buy. For example, You may buy Birthday or Christmas or Easter gifts for your family and friends with this app! :) You just...

  • Household Soundboard




    Soundboard with household sounds. Available sounds: Alarm Clock, Clock Ticking, Clock Winding, Bottle Open, Tin Open, Soda Fizz,Brushing Teeth, Creaking Floor, Deodorant Spray, Door Close, Door Open, Electric Drill, Hammering, Electric Shaver, Filling Sink", Frying Pan, Hair Mousse, Soap...

  • Magic Number Guessing




    Magic Square will guess number you think of! How to use: 1. Think of any two-digit number that is less than 50. 2. Subtract from it its constituent figures. (For example, out of 54 have to subtract 5 and 4, you get 45). 3. Find the number in the table and a character to which it corresponds. 4....

  • Darbuka (Doumbek)




    Play darbuka drum (doumbek) on handset, tablet!

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