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Alfredo Pompeo

  • BRL Currency

    BRL Currency




    BRL Currency is a simple, fast, easy to use currency converter and exchange rates calculator. BRL was designed to easily and quickly convert prices into the desired currency. It's mainly target to facilitate travellers. The source of the currency exchange rates is the European Central Bank...

  • Mortgage Calculator FRM

    Mortgage Calculator FRM




    Mortgage Calculator FRM is a simple and easy to use mortgage calculator(Fixed Rate).Enter loan amount, interest rate and term (years) the app will calculate the monthly payments, total interest paid and total mortgage cost. Mortgage Calculator FRM is mainly target to facilitate home buyers but...

  • Hangman English Spanish

    Hangman English Spanish




    Hangman game or El Ahorcado en Español is a traditional and popular word guessing puzzle. You can test your knowledge of English or Spanish and improve your vocabulary. Missing a letter to the end of the game a hint is shown , the translation of the hidden word. Even for those who have no...

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