Alger, Lin

  • PaPaLock




    "PaPaLock" assists parent to manage duration for kids to playing Android devices, you can set one or more countdown item at list or home screen. And trigger one item to starts countdown before take your device to child. The device will be locked by "PaPaLock", when duration...

  • LightLock




    This background service allows you to light on or off your device by proximity sensor. You just cover and release the sensor by finger, to switch your device's screen on and off. Please activates the LightLock by "Setting" > "Location & security" > "Select...

  • What's up




    Provides a clear and easy way to know what happen on device, and allows user to export log into storage card. To help user to communicates with developer more conveniently. Log event be classified by application. Main page list applications, and user can click on any application to see detail of...

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