Alim Gokkaya

  • Qibla and Compass 3D




    Most accurate 3d compass and qiblah locator based on tests through over 800 thousands user. It uses your last know position to calculate qibla direction. You may update your position by connecting to GPS or wifi. Alternatively you can also pick your current location from database. 3D Pusula holds...

  • Touchnoise Voice Changer




    Record voice your friends and morph the ordinary voices of the causal life. If you are bored of the the way things always sound then you have chance to make them less boring. Use voice of cat as your musical instrument. Maybe you can even make music with this, but I am not sure if it is too easy...

  • Geo Compass




    Learn where you are, find your direction! * Fast, accurate and configurable compass Description: Geo Compass is a 3d direction finder tool. As a difference to the regular compass applications, Geo Compass shows you the geographical North. To compute the real directions, your locations values...

  • NumPad for Linux




    A simple application allows you to use your Android phone as numeric keypad. Useful for notebooks and netbooks. NOTE: Script file supports only LINUX and UNIX based operating systems. Features: -Classic numpad keys, -NumPad switch works independent from computer's keyboard, -Music control...

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