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  • Invisible Labyrinth

    Invisible Labyrinth




    Try to beat the Invisible Labyrinth by memorizing the given maze pattern and try to navigate through it without touching a wall. In Classic mode you can take all the time you need and solve the puzzle level by level. In Timeattack mode you get 10sec. to solve the labyrinth. For every solved...

  • Chuck Testa Soundboard

    Chuck Testa Soundboard




    A Soundboard of Chuck Testa, the internet phenomenon. 15 Quotes plus some extras like the original TV Commercial and a MC Hammer Remix. GET IT NOW!

  • Bier-o-Graph





    Das kennt jeder von uns: Die Stimmung ist gut, das Bier ist gekauft und muss nur noch kalt gestellt werden. Aber wie lange wird der Kühlschrank wohl brauchen, um das Bier auf Genusstemperatur zu bringen? Nach wieviel Minuten hat mein Bier eine bestimmte Temperatur erreicht? Mit dieser App kein...

  • Beer-o-Graph





    With this awesome tool you can calculate how long you have to keep your beer in your fridge to become a super chilled beer which is ready to be served! Please write comments. Send me an email if you have any suggestions for improvement. Features: -physical correct calculated cooling time...

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