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Hindu Calendar

All feautures of the app work offline too!! • Panchang for any day of the calendar. Tithi, paksha (shukla and krishna), yoga, karana, nakshatra and vaar. • Also shows varsh (Year), maah (month purnimant and amavasyant), zodiac of moon, ayana (Dakshinayan and Uttarayan) and the ritu (Season), along with their end times. • Kundali (or Kundli) for…

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Download Indian Sky Map Indian Sky Map icon
Indian Sky Map

Indian Sky map shows you the map of the sky in Indian Locale along with all the nakshatras, their boundaries and rashis. It is your own virtual planetarium. Ideal for amateur Astronomy. It has all the Surya and Chandra along with the planets Budh, Shukra, Mangal, Brihaspati, Shani and also Rahu and Ketu. Watch Dhurva tara, Saptarishi, Mesh, Dhanu…

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Download Sunrise Sunset Sunrise Sunset icon
Sunrise Sunset

Sunrise and Sunset timings for any place in the world and for any date. • Location Selection is automatic. Manual option to choose from over thousands of cities over the world. • 3D Visualization showing and explaining the path of the sun and the duration of the day. • Two widgets to keep track of daily timings. • Keep track of the planets rise…

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Download Sound Generator Sound Generator icon
Sound Generator

Sound Generator enables you to generate sounds of any frequency! You can change the frequency and the volume of the sound being generated. Use the play/pause button to start/stop the generated sound. The types of waves implemented are: * Sine Wave * Square * Triangular * Sawtooth * White Noise The sampling rate used is 44.1 kHz and the output is…

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Download Live Day Night Live Day Night icon
Live Day Night

A Live wallpaper showing the extent of Day and night right on your screen. Also available as an image to zoom in. Custom dates and time. Shows Julian Date, Solar Right ascension, declination, longitude and radius vector. Image courtesy NASA.

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Download Altaz Altaz icon

Use the app to find out the altitude (inclination in degrees, NOT height) and azimuth of any point you wish. The app shows you a 3d representation of the direction (bearing) . It acts as a compass and shows you North, South, East and West along with other intermediate directions. The altitude of the object being pointed is shown and can be used a…

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Download Rainbow Roulette Rainbow Roulette icon
Rainbow Roulette

A fun little app that goes through all the colors one by one.

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