• Dino Simulator

    Dino Simulator




    Free Dinosaur simulator! Feel the power of a Tyrannosaurus dinosaur in this simulation! Controlled by your smart phone the T-Rex dinosaur. Ever wondered how it would be an angry dinosaur in middle of a city in 3d? Now you can know! Walks and destroys things you your alrrededor operated in an...

  • Geometry Run

    Geometry Run




    Geometry Run: 3D Dash and free game! A simple running game. How many meters can you advance in the dash? It is almost impossible to race! Jump and dodge obstacles geometry. Fly with the nature of the geometry. It is a simple but very difficult challenge!. Play with your friends and have fun! It...






    Catch your friends! An ideal game for meetings with your friends! Discover whether or not lying! Ask a question and then have them put their finger on the sensor your smart phone! The lie detector simulate fingerprint finger scan and then give a random result. True or false, salt of the doubt....

  • La Campaña de Arrieta- Novela

    La Campaña de Arrieta- Novela




    Novela, libro, gratuita: LA CAMPAÑA DE DON MACIEL ARRIETA. Aplicación en formato Ebook que le permitirá navegar por la novela y señalar las paginas de lectura para retomar en otro momento con comodidad. Idioma: solo español. LA NOVELA: En la Ciudad de La Plata, Argentina, Maciel Arrieta, un...

  • ghost cam, horror joke

    ghost cam, horror joke




    The spirit that appears in the photos for horror. A new and original way to scare! This is a scary game for friends. It's simple, you take out the picture to your friend and then trigger a ghost appear next to your friend! A horrible joke! Look what has appeared to you on the picture!...

  • Basketball Shoot: 3D Strike

    Basketball Shoot: 3D Strike




    Points and Shoot. Basketball shoot 3d strike is a Shooter on fire free game! You're the best basketball player and are in fire. Play basketball on your phone. This simple and addictive game will immerse you in a 3D scene. Shoot as many shots you can and score points, compete with your...

  • army sniper: mountain strike

    army sniper: mountain strike




    Immerse yourself with your smart phone into a battle of snipers. You're the best army sniper and you have been called to a fight in the mountains. Attack your enemies, turn your cell and kill them when you can. This will be a real battle in a 3D environment. The game uses the accelerometer...

  • Critical SWAT strike

    Critical SWAT strike




    SWAT Critical strike is a free game of war. You are the elite army sniper and you have been called to defend the area. Terror has implemented and you have to eradicate! It is a war against terror. Use your smart phone to kill enemies in a 3D scene and explosions! There are more snipers, are the...

  • Sniper Future Strike

    Sniper Future Strike




    Sniper Free. Future strike. War in the future.Fight against enemies with laser guns. You are the best Sniper of a future Strike force. a respected commander of the best command team, and must save the earth. Move into a realistic 3D scene. Aim and shoot with weapons is a war on terror. Free...

  • hunter of city zombies

    hunter of city zombies




    hunter of city zombies, free sniper game. Now is the apocalypse. You are an army sniper and you must defend the city of the living dead. Kill as many zombies can you have 5 chances to fail. This is a war against the zombies. They spread terror in the city. This game uses the accelerometer of...

  • sniper army, friend joke

    sniper army, friend joke




    This is a joke to have fun with friends. You can target them as if you were an Army sniper and shoot! This application uses the camera on your smart phone so you can aim and shoot at your friends as a joke. Have fun with them, have different pictures, shoot!

  • friends scare, horror maze

    friends scare, horror maze




    friends scare, horror maze A scary game! If you want to scare people with your smart phone will be easy. This application will make it possible. Your friend will be playing in a maze and then you will see a hideous face that provoked horror. This is a free application to scare!

  • sniper army: pyramids war

    sniper army: pyramids war




    The area of the pyramids is in danger. You are the best army sniper and you have been called to end the terror. Immerse yourself in battle and how many enemies you kill. It is a war against terror. Use the accelerometer to aim, your smart phone is transformed into a sniper scope.

  • joke horror for friends

    joke horror for friends




    Scare your friends! Terror! A scary game! Give the smart-phone to your friend and scared. Touch the buttons until you exit the cartel error, then an ugly face will cause terror. The phone vibrate while shouting! This is a simple game to play. Laugh with friends.

  • tank war hero hunter

    tank war hero hunter




    It's hard. You are an army sniper with Bazooka! Your mission is to not let the tanks reach the city. Using the accelerometer of your phone WILL NEED aim and fire missiles to blow up tanks. Accuracy and speed need to fulfill your mission! Destroy the tanks, you're a hunter and you will...

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