Download army sniper: mountain strike army sniper: mountain strike icon
    army sniper: mountain strike

    Immerse yourself with your smart phone into a battle of snipers. You're the best army sniper and you have been called to a fight in the mountains. Attack your enemies, turn your cell and kill them when you can. This will be a real battle in a 3D environment. The game uses the accelerometer of the phone to be more realistic.

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    Download sniper army: pyramids war sniper army: pyramids war icon
    sniper army: pyramids war

    The area of the pyramids is in danger. You are the best army sniper and you have been called to end the terror. Immerse yourself in battle and how many enemies you kill. It is a war against terror. Use the accelerometer to aim, your smart phone is transformed into a sniper scope.

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    Download joke horror for friends joke horror for friends icon
    joke horror for friends

    Scare your friends! Terror! A scary game! Give the smart-phone to your friend and scared. Touch the buttons until you exit the cartel error, then an ugly face will cause terror. The phone vibrate while shouting! This is a simple game to play. Laugh with friends.

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    Download Critical SWAT strike Critical SWAT strike icon
    Critical SWAT strike

    SWAT Critical strike is a free game of war. You are the elite army sniper and you have been called to defend the area. Terror has implemented and you have to eradicate! It is a war against terror. Use your smart phone to kill enemies in a 3D scene and explosions! There are more snipers, are the last of your team. Aim and shoot with your gun, figh…

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    Download sniper army, friend joke sniper army, friend joke icon
    sniper army, friend joke

    This is a joke to have fun with friends. You can target them as if you were an Army sniper and shoot! This application uses the camera on your smart phone so you can aim and shoot at your friends as a joke. Have fun with them, have different pictures, shoot!

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    Download Basketball Shoot: 3D Strike Basketball Shoot: 3D Strike icon
    Basketball Shoot: 3D Strike

    Points and Shoot. Basketball shoot 3d strike is a Shooter on fire free game! You're the best basketball player and are in fire. Play basketball on your phone. This simple and addictive game will immerse you in a 3D scene. Shoot as many shots you can and score points, compete with your friends. You have only 20 seconds to score before! Usi…

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    Download Dino Simulator Dino Simulator icon
    Dino Simulator

    Free Dinosaur simulator! Feel the power of a Tyrannosaurus dinosaur in this simulation! Controlled by your smart phone the T-Rex dinosaur. Ever wondered how it would be an angry dinosaur in middle of a city in 3d? Now you can know! Walks and destroys things you your alrrededor operated in an environment in 3d. Destroy everything around you!

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    Download Dino Killer Dino Killer icon
    Dino Killer

    Dino killer, is a game of dinosaur hunter. Dino Killer is this amazing game hunting. Shoot the dinosaur and take it. Shoot and shoot, will be the only way to learn and be the best hunter. Be the killer in the jungle of dino! Features: - Real hunting environment. - Dino sim to hunt. - Amazing hunting weapons. - Realistic sounds of dinosaurs.

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    Download maze, warrior escape maze, warrior escape icon
    maze, warrior escape

    The Labyrinth is huge. You will be a medieval warrior Trying to escape the empire. To do this, you will Have Your smart phone immersed an empire at war and use all his intelligence and good strategy to find the tools and advance. You Will Have to talk to the princess and the outskirts, killing enemies. Sort the maze with wit.

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    Download WAR DRONE: city strike WAR DRONE: city strike icon
    WAR DRONE: city strike

    WAR DRONE: city strike, this is a war game: You drive a War Drone sniper in CS, a city Strike. Move in a battle 3D environment of realistic 3D. You must use all lethal drone weapons to destroy these enemies besieging the ciduad . It is a strike in the city and you must fight the invaders. War has broken and you are the sniper drone desicgando fo…

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