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Calculator Mem Lite

Simple calculator with history (virtual tape, a.k.a. ticker tape style) keeping track of all completed operations. Many ways to export results (email, external file of SD card, clipboard...) New: Multi-window mode for Samsung Galaxy Note! Limitations of this Free release: This free release displays ADs and miss some features like ability to recom…

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e-Droid-Cell Light Spreadsheet

One of the most user friendly Android excel editor for Microsoft Excel files. Files format of Microsoft Excel 95, 97, 2000, XP, 2003 MS Office workbooks (*.xls, *.xlt). This allows for editing all your Excel documents on the go! Excel 100% compatible format. "Light" release important limitation: sheet creation is not allowed although exi…

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e-Droid-Cell Pro Spreadsheet

Install the "e-Droid-Cell TRIAL (No Save)" if you need more time to test, but remember TRIAL has limited number of rows/columns and NO Save option... Only the Excel 2003 binary XLS format is supported. Compatible with Dropbox for cloud support! (see https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dropbox.android) Follow us on Twitter:…

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Download e-Droid-Cell TRIAL (No Save) e-Droid-Cell TRIAL (No Save) icon
e-Droid-Cell TRIAL (No Save)

WARNING: This is only a trial release... - No SAVE option - Maximum number of rows: 20 - Maximum number of columns: 20 Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/amwebexpert Youtube tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5DB8FDEF313638E8 The only reason of that release is helping you make your decision of buying or not the "Pro&…

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CalcMem Pro

Easy-to-use calculator that includes the history of its usage (virtual tape, a.k.a. ticker tape style). Customize your caculator by setting the numeric font size, numeric pad color, digits color, operations pad font size, operations pad color and digit font. Configure the number of decimals, and toggle the haptic feedback, special character usage,…

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CSV Viewer Pro

See new "how-to's" online series: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL34CAE3FFFF4FEA4A&feature=view_all Important: if your language symbols does not appears clean then goto preferences and select the character set of the country/language of the CSV file itself. For instance for Japanese characters display goto preferences and…

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WiFi Slave Device Lite

Wifi Slave Device allows you to make your device... a slave of other devices!!! Wants to share files of your devices with a computer? Needs to share pictures of your devices with an iPhone? You have Office documents on your SD card and want to share it to a laptop? Only requirement: all devices must be connected to the same wifi Simple... 1) Con…

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Alert Responder

WARNING: Alert Responder is not a replacement of emergency calls like 911. This is only a tool among others to help you keep in touch with people in case of emergency or any other situations. Send SMS magic sentence and get back a simple feedback: OK or HELP and optionaly the GPS location (latitude and longitude). This application is bran new so…

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Tip Calculator Lite

Tip Calculator Features: - split bill into many people - round feature - reverse calculation of taxes - tip can be applied to the amount before taxes - share calculation results - export report to Google Drive, DropBox, Email, etc. - save report onto your SDcard Since this is the beta release, do not hesitate to send feedbacks at [amwebexpert@gma…

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Wireless CopyPaste

This application allows you to manage and share files between android devices through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct protocols. Instructions: just install the application on all your android Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct capable devices! For Wi-Fi Direct please press the Help [?] button on the Wi-Fi page! Features: - copy, paste, delete multiple items u…

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