• SunMoonCal




    Works on Android 3.2 or higher Main Functions: - Dates (Gregorian, Lunar & Solar Hijri) - Prayer Times (with Notification) - Rise and Set (Sun & moon) - Day and Night times - Eclipses - Moon Phase - Moon Sighting - Day & Night Map - Seasons - 2D Compass (position of Sun, Moon &...

  • ShiftCal




    "ShiftCal" is a "Shift Calendar" and a general purpose calendar as well. If your are a shift worker, this application will help you arrange your time and overtime hours in a better manner. Just provide the application with your shift pattern and when it starts, the application...

  • Camera Sound [ROOT]




    The application attempts to switch on/off all the sounds related to camera shots and screenshots. For screenshot sound, you may need to reboot your device after switching the sounds on/off. Tested on Galaxy S, S2, S3, Note-2 and Note-3. However, it is expected to work on a variety of devices....

  • Thamali - دعاء الثمالي




    دعاء أبي حمزة الثّمالي عن أبي حمزة الثّمالي (رحمه الله) قال : كان زين العابدين (عليه السلام) يصلّي عامّة اللّيل في شهر رمضان فاذا كان في السّحر دعا بهذا الدعاء. --------------------------- Keywords: Allah, islam, quran, Doaa, Do3aa, shiaa, shia, shiea, sunna, sunnah, arab, arabic, abo hamza,...

  • Quraan Kheera




    "Quraan Kheera" is the first of its kind for Android. This application helps the users to get the Istikhara in two ways: 1- Get Istikhara directly and completely through the application. 2- Get Istikhara from Quraan then search for the result in the application to get the description...

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