American Greetings

  • 6.4

    justWink Greeting Cards




    Find a greeting card, add text, an image and a sign it and then send it.

  • Cardstore Greeting Cards




    Easy, personalized greeting cards for whenever thoughtfulness happens. Real, personalized, paper greeting cards, printed on the same premium cardstock you'd find at the store - all created, and sent, from the comfort of your phone! Our app and cards were featured on NBC's Today Show!...

  • Live Greetings




    Hysterically funny greetings that move, talk and sing can now be sent via text, email, and more – you can even add YOUR voice to the fun! With Live Greetings, outrageously funny is the rule, not the exception – so crack open the app that’s guaranteed to crack a smile. Because, really – who...

  • Cake Tower - App Coin™




    Help our happy bakers create the ultimate Cake Tower in this fast-paced game of SUGARY FUN! Can you stack your tower into the outer reaches of the universe? DROP in and find out with Cake Tower!! Details: •Stack each cake perfectly to score big! •Battle the elements as you reach toward the sky!...

  • Scoop Ninja - App Coin™




    Use your cat-like quickness and dish out mouthwatering masterpieces as you conquer your Dojo Dairy dreams! From Ninja-in-Training to Master Sensei, the power of the ice cream sundae is strong within you. "Hi-Ya!" Details: •Tap the flavors fast to scoop them up! •Ninja-swipe finished...

  • justWink Greeting Cards INTL




    justWink lets you send realistic greeting cards from your phone to your friends. Where no greeting card has gone before? We just went there. justWink lets you personalize and send awesome, realistic greeting cards from your phone to your friends, family, and beyond, via email, Facebook or SMS....

  • Peas and Carrots - App Coin™




    Like peas and carrots...some things just go together! Flip the deliciously cute foods up, down, forward, and backward to create munchy matches and score big. This fast-paced puzzler is guaranteed to leave you hungry for more! Details: •Match 3 yummy treats to score! •Mega-matches create...

  • Nutt Putt - App Coin™




    Hit the greens with everyone's favorite putt-putt-playing squirrel for an awesome 18-hole mini-golf game! Collect special treats and master these challenging shots like a PRO! Details: •18 epic holes to master! •Puzzling putts you'll love trying to solve! •Nutty bonuses and...

  • Stunt Bugs - App Coin™




    Put your skills into high gear and become a Stunt Bug legend in this action-packed, thrill-chasing, racing game! Kick start your journey, twist the throttle, and get flying for your DARING motocross adventures! Details: •27 stunt bugs to choose from! •48 death-defying levels! •Super AWESOME...

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