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Watch Free Movies - LITE

NOTE: This is LITE version which limits you to watch total of 30 videos. From each category, you can only select the top 2 videos to watch. ★★★ This app offers: ✔ Free Movies, classic TV Shows and Cartoons ✔ Blazing fast streaming of shows ✔ Built-in feature to bring you updated shows at NO EXTRA FEE! ✔ No subscription or extra fees! ✔ Does n…

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The Mind Reader

★★★ Great fun app for all ages ★★★ ✔ This application will read in your mind. Try it and you will be amazed. ✔ It is great fun app for entire family. ✔ Have fun with friends ✔ Think of a number, and the app will tell you what number you have picked. ✔ Just wave your hand over my eyes (device) and your number will be revealed!!

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Rapid Love SMS - LITE

★★ Includes Pick up lines Rapid Love SMS, is a Social Networking / text messaging app that provides an effective means to express your love and strengthen your relationship with your loved one. This application has a lot of useful phrases and good ways to say I love you. Send message to one person or Circle (Group) of people in one-click. Circle i…

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Learn Farsi Lite

This app is ideal for learning basic Persian phrases. Save time and money by hearing & learning essential phrases like Hello, How Are you, Thanks, Goodbye and many more. The phrases are divided into multiple categories for easy navigation. The app is also ideal for teaching your children the basics of Persian language. This is the Lite versi…

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Talking Translator

★★★ Talking Translator supports translation between such languages as: ✔ Italian, ✔ French, ✔ German, ✔ Chinese, ✔ Japanese, ✔ Russian, ✔ Spanish, ✔ Hindi, ✔ Turkish, ✔ English, ✔ etc. ★★★ Type the text to be translated or simply press TALK button to speak a sentence and then hear the translation! ★★★ Powerful voice recognition that works fo…

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Talking Mirror - LITE

Look your best with Talking Mirror app! This app turns your phone into a mirror. It can also TALK and give you compliments based on your gender (we all deserve compliments). No need to carry around a glass mirror anymore. use this app to check your make-up, hair, teeth, tie. ★ Easy to use ★ SETUP: Press MENU and select Config to setup for Gals or…

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iCare - LITE

*** NOTE: THIS IS THE LITE VERSION. Get PRO here: *** iCare includes: ✔ Stealth / disguise mode o disguises the app into a fun drawing app ✔ Feature to remotely track your kids with GPS o See their real-time locations on interactive satellite maps ✔ Feature to remotely track and monitor all SMS, text messages o Remotely ge…

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Rapid Love SMS - PRO

ツツ For limited time, this app can be purchased for only .99c ツツ ★★ Express thought of Love, more often to those who deserve it. Satisfaction Guaranteed ★★ This is PRO version of Rapid Love SMS, a Social Networking / text messaging app that provides an effective means to express your love and strengthen your relationship with your loved one. T…

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Classic Horror

Are you a fan of classic horror movies? This app features classic Horror Movies that can be played on your Android device. These horror movies deal with your nightmares, hidden fears, revulsion and terror of the unknown. Plots within this genre often involve the intrusion of an evil force, event, or personage, commonly of supernatural origin, i…

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Deal Finder

NOTE: FREE Trial period for Businesses. For Limited Time, advertisers can enroll their business and advertise for FREE in Deal Finder. Deal Finder app will put users in charge, allowing them to find Coupons and Deals the easy way. Use it to enjoy great discount variety and the ease of searching by neighborhood throughout the U.S. The app can also…

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