• Atomic+




    ********************************************************************* *** Nominated for Best in Sound Design at Indie Prize ********************************************************************* Atomic+ is a simple, fast-paced action game where you avoid bullets and survive for the longest time...

  • DivCircle




    ********************************************************************* *** Best played with Headphones ********************************************************************* DivCircle is a game about Diversity. It is a simulation game where you play as a person who is different from the society...

  • Match a Number




    Match a Number is a simple number puzzle game where you aim to match numbers to gain the highest score you can. You play the game by moving your finger over colored numbers to reach your target result in 3 gameplay modes (normal, puzzle, multiplayer) with 3 different difficulties (easy, medium,...

  • RPSwipe




    RPSwipe is a twisted Rock, Paper, Scissors game. "Rock breaks Scissors, Scissors cut Paper and Paper covers Rock" are the main rules of the game. You swipe in any direction trying to make blue tiles beat red ones to increase your score. The game has three gameplay modes (Single, Vs...

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