• Singapore Online Radio

    Singapore Online Radio




    Singapore Online Radio brings you popular online radio stations in Singapore. You can also add your favourite channels by yourself. Bookmark your favourite channels to put them on top of station list. Current supported radio stations/channel: 938 Live 973 FM Capital Radio 95.8 FM Class 95 FM...

  • BBC Online Radio

    BBC Online Radio


    BBC Online Radio brings you great live streaming experience. With simple user interface, you can easily navigate between your favourite channels. You can also bookmark your favourite channels to put them on top of radio channel list. Using BBC Online Radio, you don't need to tune FM radio...

  • Hong Kong Online Radio

    Hong Kong Online Radio




    Hong Kong Online Radio brings you popular online radio stations in Hong Kong. You can also add your favourite channels by yourself. Bookmark your favourite channels to put them on top of station list. Keywords: Hong Kong Radio, HK Radio, RTHK, Online Radio, FM Radio

  • LTE Pocket Guide

    LTE Pocket Guide




    LTE Pocket Guide gives you quick reference to useful information related to LTE. More information will be added to make it as useful as possible. If you want to add some particular topics, leave me a comment and I will try to update it to enrich to content. Current notes: Network Architecture...

  • LGH Menu

    LGH Menu




    LGH Menu is LG Hidden Menu. Usually LG Android Phone will come with a hidden app. The hidden app has some engineering menu so that users can use it to check signal level, screen, camera etc. In some model, you can simply use activities shortcut to call the hidden menu. You don't need to buy...

  • Sammy S Mode

    Sammy S Mode




    **** Attention **** If your phone is in Android 4.3, it is very likely the app will not work. As reported by some users, Note 3 and S4 with Android 4.3 are not supported. The app should be used with Samsung stock ROM device only. Rom like Cyanogenmod should not work at this moment. Usually...

  • Animals Flashcards Free

    Animals Flashcards Free


    Animals flashcards for kids. I write this app for my 16 months old girl. Be careful! You may not be able to get back your phone once you show your kid this app. - Support slide show - Sound on/off - Animal's name display on/off - Random animal (if not in slide show mode) No ads, no...

  • LTE Reconnect

    LTE Reconnect




    LTE Recconnect allows you to return to LTE network much faster from 3G network If you are using LTE service, it could happen that in some area (e.g. Tunnel) LTE signal is weak and the mobile switch to 3G network. When the mobile is in 3G, it will stay at 3G for a long period of time and...

  • Lock Screen

    Lock Screen




    One touch to lock screen. No longer need to press power button to lock screen now. With lock screen you don't need to wait for screen timeout. It helps to save the battery. It is not a widget. It is a real application. That means you can put Lock Screen in any position of home screen,...

  • Settings Kit

    Settings Kit




    To uninstall, please read "How to uninstall" section below. If your phone do not have quick settings icon (WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, autorotate) in notification bar like my HTC One XL, Settings Kit can help to make your life easier. If you want to have the quick settings in Dock area,...

  • Quick Shopping List

    Quick Shopping List




    Quick shopping list gives you an easy and fast way to input your shopping items. Instead of complicate inputs, just input the name, quantity and price, the app will calculate the total for you. Use it during your shopping can help you check the balance and no surprise when you get the receipt....

  • WattdBm





    Watt, mWatt, dBm, dBW converter. Enter value in one of the fields will give you the remaining three values. Watt to dBm,mW,dBW mWatt to W, dBm,dBW dBm to W,mW,dBW dBW to W,mW,dBm

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