• Panic Mate




    Panic Mate is an Android app that can save lives. (Now completely free without any adds!) With the press of one button you can notify your family or friends that you are in trouble. They will also receive your location. It's fast and easy to setup: 1. Open Panic Mate. 2. Set your...

  • Speak and Spell




    With Speak and Spell you can: 1. Say any word and try to spell it or 2. Say any word and see how it is spelled If you need an app to create your own spelling lists please download our other spelling app, Spelling Beez on Google Play:

  • Spelling Beez




    Spelling Beez is a spelling application to test and improve your spelling skills. (English) You can create your own spelling list and it is very easy to use. A very fun and interactive way to improve your spelling skills! Features: 1. Comes with over 100 words. 2. Add or remove your own...

  • Animals for Kids




    Kids look at animal pictures and hear what they sound like. Animals for Kids is a fun way for kids to learn about wildlife in an interactive way. My daughters really love this app. There are 3 categories: (pictures and sounds) 1. Animals 2. Birds 3. Insects I will try to add more...

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