• HeartCare





    This program is designed to estimate the risk of cardiovascular diseases by using "quality of life" testing (health related quality of life) based on the Framingham study (Framingham Heart Study)which reflects your current state of health as an integral characteristic of physical,...

  • Cat’s Health – feline BMI

    Cat’s Health – feline BMI




    Is Your pet fat or just fluffy? This simple and unique app will help You to answer this question. Feline obesity is becoming increasingly common. It is estimated that up to 57 percent of cats that are living in our homes are overweight or obese, defined as 30 percent above their ideal weight....

  • Ideal weight & Optimal fat %

    Ideal weight & Optimal fat %




    This program will help You to find out an Ideal weight and Optimal fat percentage by calculating Body Mass Index (BMI) and percentage of body fat. Calculations are made considering your somatotype, that allows You to get more accurate results. You'll be able to find out in what shape You...

  • Eye Guard – train Your vision

    Eye Guard – train Your vision




    The app will help to protect your eyes from fatigue using a simple reminders system. Thanks to specially selected exercises it can not only give your eyes a rest, but also helps to restore vision. There are special sets of exercises for different time periods -training with "Coach". The...

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