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Ideal weight & Optimal fat %

This program will help You to find out an Ideal weight and Optimal fat percentage by calculating Body Mass Index (BMI) and percentage of body fat. Calculations are made considering your somatotype, that allows You to get more accurate results. You'll be able to find out in what shape You are and to assess the overall health status. The result…

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Download Eye Guard – train Your vision Eye Guard – train Your vision icon
Eye Guard – train Your vision

Everyday overexertion and stress adversely affects the eyesight. Therefore, it is important to give your eyes a rest from time to time, and perform daily exercises to prevent potential problems! Eye Guard provides a unique user-friendly system of reminders that will allow you to adjust the schedule of daily rest and exercises for the eyes. Also the…

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Download HeartCare HeartCare icon

This program is designed to estimate the risk of cardiovascular diseases by using "quality of life" testing (health related quality of life) based on the Framingham study (Framingham Heart Study)which reflects your current state of health as an integral characteristic of physical, psychological, social, and emotional state. It also estim…

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Guess the picture Zen

You want to relax, and at the same time, to train your mind? This game is made just for you! Reveal the image tile by tile and try to guess what word it can mean. Free your mind and get involved with ease in the classic gameplay! And remember, you can always replay the level or use special hints. Main features of the game: - Simple but addictive…

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Download Cat’s Health – feline BMI Cat’s Health – feline BMI icon
Cat’s Health – feline BMI

Is Your pet fat or just fluffy? This simple and unique app will help You to answer this question. Feline obesity is becoming increasingly common. It is estimated that up to 57 percent of cats that are living in our homes are overweight or obese, defined as 30 percent above their ideal weight. Although you may like the look of cats with a little ext…

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Download Motivational Quotes PRO Motivational Quotes PRO icon
Motivational Quotes PRO

Need some motivation to achieve Your goal? Then this app is made for you! Get new best quotes every day at right time and be inspired by the sayings of great people to easily handle even the most complex situations! Main Features: - Simple and intuitive interface; - Ability to set the time and type of the notifications; - Specially selected…

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Download Guess the picture Quiz Guess the picture Quiz icon
Guess the picture Quiz

If You like to guess the words and enjoy beautiful pictures, then this game is just what You were looking for! It's simple, but fascinating at the same time - reveal the picture tile by tile and try to name it! And there are always handy & absolutely free hints to help You pass the level. Main features of the game: - Simple yet addictive…

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Download Color4All - color match puzzle Color4All - color match puzzle icon
Color4All - color match puzzle

Color4All - new puzzle game with addictive, simple and yet, unique and funny gameplay concept. It's not only one game, but three exciting color puzzles, connected together by the simple and user-friendly interface! You will be able to spend time with fun and mind exercising, as the Color4All combines the ease and excitement of color puzzles and…

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Download gOWLd Quotes - motivation gOWLd Quotes - motivation icon
gOWLd Quotes - motivation

Often to achieve the goal, You require a charge of the positive thoughts. Getting a new motivational quote every day at a convenient time, you can easily tackle even with the hardest work, using inspiration of the great people's quotes! Main features: - Simple and intuitive interface; - You can choose time and type of the notification; - Speci…

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Download gOWLd quotes - diet motivation gOWLd quotes - diet motivation icon
gOWLd quotes - diet motivation

It is not easy to stick to Your diet, especially, when there are so many temptations around us every day. But those great motivational quotes will help to keep You in a great mood and not to turn off from the path to a healthy lifestyle! Main features: - Simple and intuitive interface; - You can choose time and type of the notification; - Speciall…

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